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C Note 3
Cabaret Voltaire 5
Cadogan, Kevin 2
Caedmon's Call 3
Caelum Bliss 0
Cafferty, John 3
Caffey, Charlotte 1
Cage, Joel 2
Cagle, Chris 3
Cake 7
Cake Like 4
Caldwell, Kimberly 7
Cale, J. J. 5
Cale, John 5
California Guitar Trio 2
Call, The 2
Calla 4
Callas, Maria 10
Callaway, Ann Hampton 2
Callen, Michael 1
Calling, The 10
Calloway, Cab 2
Camarosmith 1
Camel 9
Cameo 2
Camouflage 5
Camp, Jesse 6
Camp Kill Yourself 2
Camp, Steve 3
Campbell, Darius 7
Campbell, Glen 4
Campbell, Tevin 3
Camper Van Beethoven 5
Cam'ron 2
Can 7
Canadian Bush Party 1
Candide 1
Candlebox 4
Candlemass 1
Candy Butchers 0
Candy Snatchers, The 1
Cane 141 2
Canibus 4
Canned Heat 4
Cannibal Corpse 5
Cantrell, Blu 6
Cantrell, Jerry 2
Capercaillie 3
Cappadonna 2
Captain and Tennille, The 4
Captain Beefheart 8
Caputo, Keith 2
Cara, Irene 1
Caravan 3
Carcass 1
Card, Michael 2
Cardiacs, The 1
Cardigans, The 6
Carey, Mariah 63
Carey, Tony 1
Carlisle, Belinda 7
Carlisle, Bob 4
Carlos, Wendy 2
Carlstrom, Emily 2
Carlton, Vanessa 12
Carman 4
Carmen, Eric 1
Carmichael, Hoagy 5
Carnes, Kim 2
Carola 1
Carolina Chocolate Drops 2
Caroline's Spine 1
Carpenter, Karen 3
Carpenter, Mary Chapin 5
Carpenters, The 24
Carr, Amy 1
Carr, Eric 1
Carrack, Paul 2
Carreras, José 6
Carrier, Chubby 3
Carrier, Roy 1
Carroll, Bruce 0
Carroll, Jim 1
Cars, The 5
Carson Downey Band, The 0
Carson, Jeff 1
Cartel 2
Carter, Aaron 17
Carter, Anita 2
Carter, Betty 6
Carter, Carlene 12
Carter, Deana 5
Carter Family 8
Carter, June 8
Carter, Leslie 1
Carter, Nick 14
Carter, Ron 6
Carter Tutti 3
Carthy, Eliza 2
Carthy, Martin 2
Cartoons, The 0
Caruso, Enrico 5
Casal, Neal 1
Case, Neko 5
Case, Peter 2
Cash, Johnny 21
Cash, June Carter 8
Cash, Rosanne 9
Cassar-Daley, Troy 4
Cassidy, David 7
Cassidy, Eva 14
Cassidy, Katie 0
Cassidy, Shaun 3
Cassius 2
Cast 1
Castillo, Irán 2
Castillo, Randy 6
Casting Crowns 4
Castle, Chris 0
Cat Power 14
Catatonia 4
Catch 22 2
Catch, C.C. 14
Cathcart, Carter 2
Catherine Wheel 9
Catheters, The 2
Cattle Company, The 1
Cause and Effect 2
Cave, Nick 20
Caviar 1
Ceberano, Kate 2
Cee-Lo 2
Celtic Frost 2
Celtic Legacy 2
Celtus 0
Cerbone, Lisa 2
Certain Ratio, A 3
Cetera, Peter 2
Chad and Jeremy 2
Chag, Niraj 1
Chagall Guevara 2
Chamberlain, Richard 4
Chambers, Kasey 6
Chan, Agnes 3
Chan, Kelly 3
Chan, Kit 1
Chan, Nadia 1
Chan, Priscilla 1
Chandler, Gene 1
Chandra, Sheila 3
Chang, Eliot 2
Changelings, The 1
Chantels, The 3
Chapin, Harry 10
Chapman, Beth Nielsen 1
Chapman, Roger 2
Chapman, Steven Curtis 21
Chapman, Tracy 6
Charlatans, The 4
Charles, Ray 14
Charles, Vince 0
Charvet, David 3
Chase, Bill 2
Chavis, Boozoo 2
Chavis, Karan 1
Chawla, Juhi 6
Chayanne 3
Cheap Trick 8
Checker, Chubby 2
Cheech and Chong 2
Chemical Brothers, The 9
Chemlab 3
Chen, Edison 1
Cheng, Ekin 3
Cheng, Sammi 4
Chenier, C.J. 3
Chenier, Clifton 4
Chenoweth, Kristin 4
Cher 22
Cherish the Ladies 4
Cherry, Don 2
Cherry, Eagle-Eye 5
Cherry, Neneh 1
Cherry Poppin' Daddies 4
Chesney, Kenny 11
Chesnutt, Mark 2
Chesnutt, Vic 13
Cheung, Cecilia 4
Cheung, Jacky 3
Cheung, Julian 2
Cheung, Leslie 4
Chevalier, Maurice 5
Chevelle 2
Chianese, Dominic 2
Chic 7
Chicago 12
Chicane 1
Chicks on Speed 2
Chieftains, The 9
Child, Jane 3
Children of Bodom 2
Children of Dub 2
Childs, Toni 4
Chilliwack 3
Chills, The 4
Chimaira 4
China Crisis 0
China Drum 0
Chino XL 2
Chisato Moritaka 2
Chisholm, Melanie 11
Chixdiggit 4
Choates, Harry 2
Choclair 1
Choir, The 3
Chordettes, The 1
Chow, Vivian 7
Chris and Cosey 3
Christian, Charlie 3
Christian Death 4
Christian, Frank 2
Christians, The 0
Christines, The 1
Christmas 2
Christodal, Jude 3
Christy, June 1
Christy, Lauren 2
Chuck D 4
Chumbawamba 12
Church, Charlotte 8
Church, Claudia 2
Church, The 26
Cibo Matto 3
Ciccone, Madonna 61
Cinder 0
Cinderella 9
Cindy Lou 0
Cindytalk 1
Cinerama 5
Circle Jerks 4
Circle of Dust 3
Citizen Cope 2
Citizen King 1
City High 1
Clam Abuse 2
Clan of Xymox 11
Clannad 2
Clapton, Eric 35
Clark, Dave 2
Clark Family Experience 1
Clark, Guy 3
Clark, Petula 4
Clark, Roy 1
Clark, Terri 3
Clarke, Stanley 1
Clarks, The 6
Clarkson, Kelly 20
Clash, The 22
Clawfinger 1
Clay, Andrew Dice 6
Clayderman, Richard 1
Claypool, Les 2
Clayton-Felt, Josh 1
Clegg, Johnny 4
Clement, Jemaine 2
Cleopatra 3
Cleveland, James 2
Click Click 1
Cliff, Jimmy 2
Climie Fisher 3
Cline, Patsy 7
Clinic 4
Clinton, George 3
Clock DVA 4
Clooney, Rosemary 4
Cloudtalk 0
Clutch 4
C-Murder 2
Coadic, Colleen 1
Coal 3
Coal Chamber 12
Coasters, The 3
Cobain, Kurt 17
Cobham, Billy 2
Cochran, Anne 1
Cochran, Eddie 6
Cochran, Hank 2
Cochran, Tammy 2
Cochrane, Tom 5
Cockburn, Bruce 4
Cocker, Jarvis 1
Cocker, Joe 9
Cockney Rebel 3
CocoRosie 2
Cocteau Twins 11
Code Red 1
Coe, David Allan 3
Coffey, Kellie 2
Cohen, Adam 3
Cohen, Leonard 22
Cohn, Marc 1
Coil 5
Cold 1
Cold Chisel 3
Coldplay 27
Cole, Holly 2
Cole, Jude 3
Cole, Lloyd 2
Cole, Nat King 5
Cole, Natalie 5
Cole, Paula 5
Cole, Samantha 0
Coleman, Ornette 3
Collective Soul 5
Collie, Mark 1
Collins, Bootsy 2
Collins, Edwyn 2
Collins, Judy 3
Collins, Phil 9
Collister, Christine 5
Collusion Inc. 1
Colman, Paul 1
Colon, Willie 3
Color it Red 0
Color Me Badd 1
Colorfinger 0
Colosseum 4
Colourbox 8
Colter, Jessi 1
Coltrane, John 17
Colvin, Shawn 6
Combs, Sean 10
Combustible Edison 4
Comedian Harmonists 3
Comets, The 4
Coming Century 0
Commitments, The 5
Common Rotation 1
Common Tongue 2
Como, Perry 5
Concordia 1
Concrete Blonde 1
Confederate Railroad 2
Conflict 1
Conjure One 5
Conley, Earl Thomas 1
Connelly, Chris 5
Connick, Harry, Jr. 8
Connors, Stompin' Tom 2
Conway, Russ 4
Cooder, Ry 4
Cook, Jesse 1
Cook, Kyle 1
Cooke, Sam 5
Coolio 5
Cooper, Alice 22
Cooper, Ray 4
Cooper Temple Clause, The 2
Cope, Julian 9
Copeland, Stewart 4
Coptic Rain 2
Corea, Chick 4
Cornell, Chris 8
Cornershop 6
Corporate Avenger 0
Corrosion of Conformity 3
Corrs, The 49
Coryell, Julian 2
Costa, Nikka 2
Costello, Elvis 15
Cotter, Brad 0
Cotton, Josie 3
Cotton Mather 0
Couch, Danny 2
Cougar, John 4
Co.Uk 1
Count Zero 1
Counting Crows 9
Coup, The 1
Court, Susan 1
Cousin Fungus 2
Cousin Kevin 1
Cousins, Tina 7
Covenant 2
Coverdale, David 3
Cowboy Junkies 11
Cowboy Mouth 6
Cowboy's Nightmare 2
Cowsills, The 2
Cox, Deborah 4
Cox, Nikki 8
Coxon, Graham 3
Cracker 7
Cradle of Filth 20
Craig, Caroline 2
Cramer, Floyd 3
Cramps, The 3
Cranberries, The 24
Cranes 7
Crash Test Dummies, The 6
CrashPalace 1
Crass 8
Craving Theo 1
Crawford, Billy 2
Crawford, Michael 3
Cray, Robert 0
Crazy Town 6
Cream 4
Creed 33
Creedence Clearwater Revival 21
Creeper Lagoon 1
Crenshaw, Marshall 2
Crespo, Elvis 0
Crickets, The 13
Crime and the City Solution 3
Crimson Glory 4
Crimson Twins 1
Criss, Peter 0
Croce, Jim 2
Crocketts, The 3
Cro-Mags 2
Crosby, Bing 7
Crosby, David 1
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young 12
Cross, Christopher 3
Cross, David 1
Cross, Joseph 2
Cross My Heart 3
Crosse, Clay 7
Crouch, Andraé 4
Crow, Alvin 1
Crow, Sheryl 37
Crowbar 5
Crowded House 9
Crowe, Russell 26
Crowell, Rodney 3
Crucial Conflict 0
Crucifucks, The 3
Cruel Sea, The 5
Crumar, Phil 1
Crushdown 0
Cruxshadows, The 2
Cruz, Celia 2
Cruzados 3
Cryan' Shames, The 2
Crystal Method 3
Crystals, The 3
Cub 6
Cuccione, Michael 8
Cuddy, Jim 1
Cullum, Jamie 8
Cult, The 7
Cultivators, The 1
Culture Club 8
Cumming, Alan 10
Cummings, Burton 9
Cümshotté 1
Cunningham, Colin 2
Cupcakes 1
Cure, The 57
Curfman, Shannon 2
Current 93 4
Curve 2
Cutting Crew 3
Cyclefly 1
Cypress Hill 10
Cyrus, Billy Ray 1
Czars, The 2

C - Bands and Artists, 1950s, By Decade, Styles, Music, Arts 0

C - Bands and Artists, 1970s, By Decade, Styles, Music, Arts 0

C - Bands and Artists, 1980s, By Decade, Styles, Music, Arts 12

C - Bands and Artists, 1990s, By Decade, Styles, Music, Arts 11

C - Bands and Artists, 2000s, By Decade, Styles, Music, Arts 0

The official C/4.6 website includes news, biographies and pictures.
 C and C Music FactoryC and C Music Factory
At Includes a brief biography, discography, photographs and article.
Punk rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. News, biography, audio samples, pictures and show dates.
 Cabral, AmandioCabral, Amandio
Music of the Cape Verdean composer performed by Larry Dunlap, with RealAudio samples.
 Cactus PearsCactus Pears
Music samples, biography, pictures, and schedule for the Athens, Ohio group.
 Cadillac Cowboys, TheCadillac Cowboys, The
Dallas/Fort Worth country and western band; includes member profiles, upcoming show information, and song list.
 Cadillac JonesCadillac Jones
Music, biographies, and events from the heavy funk Atlanta band.
 Caesar, ShirleyCaesar, Shirley
At Includes a biography, discography, photos, links and message board.
 Cafe Accordion OrchestraCafe Accordion Orchestra
Minneapolis-based band performing a mix of French Musette, vintage swing, Latin and European folk music styles. Includes MP3s, discography, show dates, reviews, biography and pictures.
 Cafe OrchestraCafe Orchestra
Performance information, biographies and history from the contemporary Irish ensemble.
 Caffeine KidCaffeine Kid
Utah punk rock band with a slice of emo. Pictures, profiles, show dates, and merchandise.
 Caffreys, TheCaffreys, The
History, gig guide, reviews, news and gossip for the British band.
Art-pop/rock band based in Dayton, Ohio. Biography, discography and album reviews.
 Cage, BobbyCage, Bobby
Includes biography, CD information, news and photographs for the country singer-songwriter.
 Cahoots, TheCahoots, The
Member profiles, show dates and a history of Cajun music from the Australian band.
 Caicedo, PatriciaCaicedo, Patricia
Concert and recording artist who focuses on the Latin American and Spanish art song. Biography, information on the genre, concerts and classes.
 Cain, ChrisCain, Chris
San Francisco Bay-based blues guitarist and vocalist. History, tour dates, discography, articles, chat and interview.
 Cajun Strangers, TheCajun Strangers, The
Cajun band based in Madison, Wisconsin. Member profiles, show dates, MP3s and contact information.
New Age composer from New York; includes biography, shows, sound samples and album information.
 Calabrese, AldoCalabrese, Aldo
Official site of the country/rockabilly/rhythm and blues recording artist. With biography, background, discography, music clips, pictures, and events.
 Calamités, LesCalamités, Les
Fan site about the '80s French female rock band includes history, frequently asked questions, discography, lyrics and press.
At Includes a biography, discography, photos, and message board.
 Calgary Boys Choir, TheCalgary Boys Choir, The
History, performance schedule, booking and membership information for the Canadian group.
 Calhoun, AndrewCalhoun, Andrew
Index of links related to this Illinois singer-songwriter and founder of Waterbug Records.
 California Girls, TheCalifornia Girls, The
An all girl band singing their own brand of surf, beach and contemporary music. Features biographies, photographs, song list, recent events, endorsements, cartoons, contact and booking information.
Hardcore band from Long Island. News, biography, pictures, lyrics and show dates. [Requires Flash]
 Calire, JimmyCalire, Jimmy
Piano player for the blues/jazz band Raven and the rock band America. Includes biography and contact information.
 Call Me AliceCall Me Alice
San Diego-based theme band. Includes biography, appearances, discography, fan club and news.
 Callier, TerryCallier, Terry
Biography, picture, audio clips and discography for the guitarist and singer-songwriter.
History, pictures, MP3 music files and contact information for the Italian progressive rock band.
 Calm ChaosCalm Chaos
News, pictures, audio samples and profile.
Underground alternative rock band from Zurich. News, tour dates, contact information, MP3s and lyrics.
A pop/rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Band profile, gig dates, a song list, photos, and contact information.
 Calvin KrimeCalvin Krime
At Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and message board.
 Camacho, JimCamacho, Jim
Miami singer-songwriter. Press, profile, calendar, audio, news and pictures.
 Cambden, CandaceCambden, Candace
Biography and RealAudio demos from the Canadian singer-songwriter based in Northern Ireland.
 Camen, PatriciaCamen, Patricia
Pop, soul and rhythm and blues singer from Switzerland. Includes news, sound samples, lyrics and image gallery. [Requires Flash.]
 Camp LoCamp Lo
At Includes a biography, discography and message board.
 Campbell, AliCampbell, Ali
At Includes a biography, discography, links and message board.
 Campbell, EddieCampbell, Eddie
Official site for the New Jersey singer-songwriter includes gigs, MP3s and information on the cover band Thymes 2.
 Campbell, JohnCampbell, John
Tribute to the late bluesman with interview, biography and album covers.
 Campbell, ScottCampbell, Scott
Samples, lyrics, photos, news.
 Campese, MikeCampese, Mike
Official site of the guitarist. Includes a biography, tour dates, MP3 samples and pictures.
 Campi, RayCampi, Ray
Official site for the rockabilly musician includes biography, album information, show dates, pictures and audio clips.
 Camplin, BillCamplin, Bill
Index of links related to the singer-songwriter and owner of the Cafe Carpe folk venue in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.
Biography, discography and MP3s from the Hamilton, Ontario band.
 Candy ChannelCandy Channel
Information, humour, RealAudio music clips and lyrics from the British indie band.
 Candy Darlings, TheCandy Darlings, The
Rock band from New York City. Includes photos, shows and press coverage.
 Candy-Ass Pansy Bitches, TheCandy-Ass Pansy Bitches, The
Death-metal band from North Carolina. Pictures, lyrics, show dates, and biography.
Includes photos, audio clips, lyrics, live dates, and merchandise from the English rock band.
Biographies, gigs, sound clips and pictures from the UK band.
 Candyland Riots!Candyland Riots!
News, shows, pictures and audio from the California band.
Biography, show dates, news, merchandise, photographs, lyrics and sound samples from the Minnesota rock band.
 Canning, BarryCanning, Barry
Newfoundland-based singer/songwriter/producer. Biography, news, schedule, reviews, album information and song samples.
 Can't HangCan't Hang
Reggae/ska/rock band from Baltimore, Maryland.
London based promoting CD featuring Dan sheehan. Provides information and contact details.
Rock/indie band from London, England. Features information, news, show dates, and links.
From Columbia, South Carolina. Includes schedule, photos and member profiles.
 Capital CityCapital City
Official site of the rootsy Boston pop band features news, profile, press, images and shows.
 Capital City RingersCapital City Ringers
Community handbell ensemble from Lansing, Michigan. Includes concert dates, recording information, profiles, photographs and links.
 Capitalist MusicCapitalist Music
Words, sounds and images about the '80s alternative rock band from Norwich, England.
 Capitol KCapitol K
Official site includes news, discography and show dates. [Requires Flash.]
 Caplan, Linda "Kakõ"Caplan, Linda "Kakõ"
Koto master from Canada. Credentials, information about the instrument and its music.
 Caprani, KlausCaprani, Klaus
Danish bassist. Biography, discography, audio clips, equipment, and links.
 Capture the FlagCapture the Flag
Hardcore/punk band from Rhode Island. Shows, pictures, news, lyrics and contact information.
 Captured! By RobotsCaptured! By Robots
Sound and video samples, pictures, tour information, press, fan club and member profiles.
Biography, sound samples and pictures from the alternative/experimental rock band from Cirencester, UK.
 Caputo, SergioCaputo, Sergio
Italian jazz/swing singer and songwriter based in California. Biography, discography, photographs, lyrics and audio samples.
 Car Stereo WarsCar Stereo Wars
Independent pop/rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. Includes news, MP3s, photos, press, and contact information.
 Carano, JeffCarano, Jeff
Bassist and songwriter; biography, discography, audio samples, gigs and pictures.
 Carbon 4Carbon 4
London-based rock band; includes biography, gigs, MP3s and pictures.
 Carbon 9Carbon 9
Los Angeles-based rock band; features downloadable MP3 and Real Audio songs, tour dates, merchandise, photos and lyrics.
 Carbon BoyCarbon Boy
Biography and link to MP3s by the electronic artist.
 Carburetors. TheCarburetors. The
Profile and gig dates for the alt-country band from Flat Rock, North Carolina.
 Carder, Carl ChristopherCarder, Carl Christopher
The singer-songwriter talks to
 Cardier, GlennCardier, Glenn
Official site of the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist with gigs, tours and CD information.
 Cardoso, TecoCardoso, Teco
Reed player from Brazil.
 Care Factor ZeroCare Factor Zero
Shows, MP3s, pictures, biography, videos and message board from the Massachusetts band.
Emo/punk band from Luxembourg. News, biography, songs, lyrics, pictures and tour dates.
 Carere, GeorgeCarere, George
Atlanta area musician leads ensembles performing a broad repertoire of music styles, from rock n' roll to big band swing.
MP3s and information on the band.
 Carewe, MaryCarewe, Mary
UK singer. Biography, pictures, album information and concert dates.
Biography, discography, news and pictures from the Australian band formerly named 2INS.
 Carlile, BrandiCarlile, Brandi
Seattle-based singer; biographies, pictures, schedule, album details, MP3s, lyrics and message board.
 Carlis StarCarlis Star
News, pictures, MP3s and history of the Manchester, England band.
 Carlson, ErikCarlson, Erik
MP3s, pictures and calendar.
 Carlson, JimCarlson, Jim
Photos, biography, tour dates and booking information for the central Wisconsin singer/songwriter.
 Carlson, KatrinaCarlson, Katrina
Alternative singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Biography, journal, album information, gigs, press and pictures.
 Carlson, MargaretCarlson, Margaret
Chicago-based jazz/pop vocalist; includes biography, sound samples, reviews and album information.
 Carlyle, CalumCarlyle, Calum
Forums, MP3s and lyrics for the Scottish musician.
 Carmack, NaomiCarmack, Naomi
Official site for the Canadian singer-songwriter includes biography, lyrics, sound files and photographs.
 Carnage CoreCarnage Core
Manchester, New Hampshire band mixing metal, rap, punk, and hardcore. Biographies, frequently asked questions, gigs, pictures and lyric explanations.
 Carnations, TheCarnations, The
Contains news, upcoming shows, and pictures from the Toronto band.
 Carnival of SoulsCarnival of Souls
New York metal band. Biography, gigs, photos and merchandise.
 Carol, BrendaCarol, Brenda
Contemporary jazz and progressive vocalist from Canada. Audio clips, photographs, CDs, tour, reviews, and information on vocal lessons.
 Carpe Diem ProjectCarpe Diem Project
Pictures, MP3s and equipment list.
 Carr, MikeCarr, Mike
Biography, discography, photographs, press and contact information for the UK based jazz organist.
 Carr, RussellCarr, Russell
Biographical and contact information for the British bassist.
 Carr, VikkiCarr, Vikki
Includes schedule, biography, photographs, discography and timeline for the '60s singer.
 Carraway, CatherineCarraway, Catherine
Jazz vocalist; features audio samples, photos, and performance schedule.
 Carrillo, JohnCarrillo, John
Singer-songwriter based in Orange County, California. Includes gigs, MP3s, news, pictures, biography and message board.
 Carrion, TheCarrion, The
MP3s and biography for the metal band based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
 Carter, LarryCarter, Larry
Improvisational pianist and Celtic musician from Lawrence, Kansas. Pictures, discography and timeline.
 Carter, LukeCarter, Luke
Music written, recorded and performed by the Georgia musician.
 Carter the Unstoppable Sex MachineCarter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
News, discography, gig list, history, pictures, lyrics, chords and frequently asked questions from the '90s UK indie band.
 Cartsonis, MattCartsonis, Matt
Los Angeles musician and composer; includes timeline, projects and contact information.
 Cartwright, JoanCartwright, Joan
Jazz singer, composer, educator and producer. Includes biography and lyrics.
 Caruso, DaveCaruso, Dave
Streaming audio and video, lyrics, albums and singles, photographs, and tour dates.
 Caruso, JimCaruso, Jim
Reviews, articles, biography and scrapbook for the musical theater performer.
 Carvelli, BillyCarvelli, Billy
California singer. Biography, news, pictures, and links.
 Cary, CaitlinCary, Caitlin
News, shows, discography, MP3s, pictures and biography for the singer-songwriter and former Whiskeytown member.
 Casey Dagans, TheCasey Dagans, The
Power pop/punk band from northern Wisconsin. Biography, album art, lyrics, news and discography.
 Casey, PaddyCasey, Paddy
News, biography, discography, gigs and message board for the Dublin-based singer-songwriter.
 Casey, PaulCasey, Paul
Irish singer-songwriter. News, profile, tour dates, images and discussion board.
 Cash County Survivors, TheCash County Survivors, The
Mississippi band playing a blend of country, surf, punk and western. Includes live MP3 downloads, lyrics, show dates, press, and photos.
 Cash, TommyCash, Tommy
Biography and booking information for the country singer and brother of Johnny Cash.
 Cashen, RalphCashen, Ralph
Country singer-songwriter from Ontario. Album information, sound samples, pictures, appearance schedule and biography.
Norwegian band mixing electronic music and African influences. Site includes downloads, videos and a blog.
 Cason, ShirleyCason, Shirley
Biography, music philosophy, sound samples and reviews from the New Age keyboardist.
 Cassini's DivisionCassini's Division
Alt-rock band from Calcutta, India. Biographies, album information, pictures, gigs, audio samples, press, newsletter and message board.
 Cast in BronzeCast in Bronze
Biography, history, mailing list, discography and performance schedule for the carillon-centered ensemble.
Extreme brutal death band from New York City. Sound clips, pictures, shows and mailing list.
 Castle, JeremyCastle, Jeremy
Blanchard, Oklahoma-based traditional country music recording artist and songwriter. Features biography, pictures and list of recordings.
 Castleberry, SandiiCastleberry, Sandii
Bluegrass, acoustic, country and blues artist based in Orange County, California. Performance schedule, biography and ensemble descriptions.
 Castles in SpainCastles in Spain
Female-fronted San Francisco trio. News, tour dates, downloadable songs and photographs.
Resume, discography, pictures and sound clips from the groove-oriented drummer.
 Cat Toast EngineCat Toast Engine
Tour dates, pictures and history.
Finnish black metal band. Biography, discography, lyrics, pictures, sound samples, tour dates and forum.
Biography, gigs and audio samples for the modern rock band.
Atlanta=-based all-girl rock band. Includes show dates, music samples, photos, video, press and links.
 Catfish HoneymoonCatfish Honeymoon
Washington, D.C.-based band playing alt-country, Americana and roots music. News, gigs, pictures, profiles, mailing list and sound samples.
Christian grindcore band based in central Florida. Biographies, shows, MP3s, pictures and lyrics.
 Cathartic LodgeCathartic Lodge
Welsh concept band; forum, MP3s, lyrics and fan mail.
 Catholic Girls, TheCatholic Girls, The
All-female pop/rock band. Biography, news, tour dates and discography.
 Catley, Bob and MagnumCatley, Bob and Magnum
Tour dates, photographs and news.
Includes information about the band and its members.
 Caucasian MaleCaucasian Male
Glasgow-based band influenced by '60s pop music and '70s rock. News, sound samples, album information and gigs.
Melo-death band from Finland. News, biography, audio and images.
 Cavalier ConsortCavalier Consort
Virginia-based ensemble specializing in Renaissance and Baroque music. Includes biography, performance schedule and contact information.
 Cavallaro, MayeCavallaro, Maye
Jazz/cabaret singer; includes sound samples, biography, calendar, reviews and information.
At Includes a biography, discography, photos, video, links and message board.
Norwegian classical singer. News, biography, pictures and discography with sound samples.
Official site of Leeds-based drum 'n' bass producer Jon Schorah includes gigs, biography, discography, sound samples and equipment list. [Requires Flash.]
 Cedar RidgeCedar Ridge
Picture and appearance schedule for the bluegrass band.
Sound clips, pictures, biography, press and club dates for the Florida-based singer.
Swedish duo playing modern pop inspired by drum and bass. Includes general information, mailing list, gigs, pictures and articles.
 Cell Block 9Cell Block 9
Metal band from Addison, Michigan; includes biography, discography, lyrics, fan art, news and reviews.
 Celluloid MataCelluloid Mata
News, discography, images and MP3s from the dark electro group.
 Celt, JanCelt, Jan
Biographical and professional information about the Oregon blues artist.
Celtic band based in Ottawa, Canada. News, discography, biography, gigs, pictures, audio and video clips.
 Celtic BonesCeltic Bones
Three-piece punk 'n' roll outfit from the UK. Biography, news, gigs, pictures and MP3s.
 Celtic ElvisCeltic Elvis
Satirical folk theater band based in California. Biography, pictures, tour information, RealAudio clips and lyrics.
 Celtic HorizonCeltic Horizon
Folk duo performing Scottish and Irish music. Includes history, repertoire, gig guide and pictures.
Home of the techno project. Latest releases, RealAudio streams and links.
 Central HeatCentral Heat
Rhythm and blues band with funk elements. Includes photos, sounds and booking information.
Electronic improvisational group based in Germany. Includes news, member profiles and MP3s.
 Cepeda, RayCepeda, Ray
Latin independent artist; liner notes, audio samples, pictures and calendar.
 Cerisano, JoeCerisano, Joe
Vocalist who has performed with everyone from Bo Diddly to Korn. Includes biography, sound samples and pictures.
 Certain Frank, ACertain Frank, A
Electronic dance and lounge ensemble. Sound samples and album information.
Indie-rock band from Los Angeles; includes news, biography, press, pictures, show dates, discography and MP3s.
Site for the Rochester, Minnesota band features pictures, member profiles, trivia, song list, and a link to MP3 samples.
 Chacin, Rosa VirginiaChacin, Rosa Virginia
Venezuelan romantic music singer. Information about her music, career, and upcoming presentations. [English and Spanish.]
Official homepage for the Vermont band includes tour information, news and music samples.
 Chadbourne, EugeneChadbourne, Eugene
News, tour dates, discography, history and streaming audio from the avant jazz/rock/punk/folk artist.
Dutch heavy metal band; includes member profiles, gigs, song lists, biography and audio clips. [English and Dutch; requires Flash.]
 Chain Gang, TheChain Gang, The
Album information, show dates and member profiles for the Liverpool band.
 Chain Link FaithChain Link Faith
Pictures, events calendar, music downloads and album information.
 Chain of BeingChain of Being
Biographies, pictures, audio and news.
 Chambers, BillChambers, Bill
Fan page for the Australian country musician includes biography, press, pictures, awards and discography.
 Chambers, GuyChambers, Guy
Music downloads, score and official lyrics from the UK, songwriter, musician and producer.
Groove jazz funk and blues group. Site contains audio clips, photos, and band information.
 Champlion, MelissaChamplion, Melissa
Christian artist; features information and lyrics.
 Chandler, ChelseaChandler, Chelsea
Memphis-based country singer; biography, MP3s, pictures, appearance schedule and wallpapers.
Album information and news from the folk ensemble.
 Channel ThreeChannel Three
Official site of the '80s punk band. [Requires Flash.]
 Chantilly LaceChantilly Lace
Family band of brothers and cousins; includes biography, discography and streaming audio.
 Chaos TheoryChaos Theory
Metal band from Trenton, New Jersey. History, band member profiles, contact information and links to MP3s.
 Chaos WaitingChaos Waiting
Mainstream and heavy-blues rock band from Danville, Kentucky. News, biographies, lyrics, show dates and album information.
 Chapin, TomChapin, Tom
Musician, singer-songwriter and storyteller. News, schedule, discography, audio and video clips, FAQs, press, and band profiles.
 Chapman, Amee and the Velvet TumbleweedsChapman, Amee and the Velvet Tumbleweeds
Sagebrush soul and Americana group based in Northern California. Includes biography, tour dates and sound samples.
 Chapple, ChrisChapple, Chris
News, gigs, discography, biography and reviews for the Melbourne singer-songwriter.
 Chapter 11Chapter 11
Official web site for the Central Indiana band includes pictures, member profiles, sound clips and gigs.
 Charette, BrianCharette, Brian
New York-based guitarist, keyboard player and producer. Includes biography, events and audio.
 Charivari AgréableCharivari Agréable
British period-instrument ensemble. Provides member biographies, photographs, and reviews.
 Charles, MichaelCharles, Michael
Australian blues/rock singer-songwriter; includes MP3s, biography, discography, current projects, related works and tour dates.
North London band; features member biographies, sound files, lyrics and gig dates.
 Charlie and The BhoysCharlie and The Bhoys
Gig guide, lyrics and quiz for the Celtic band.
 Charm City SoundCharm City Sound
Biographies, sound clips, and tour schedule for the Baltimore polka band.
Home of the British influenced pop band based in New York, including photos and MP3s.
 Charoni, AlexCharoni, Alex
Biography, sound samples, album information, lyrics and gigs for the Seattle-based saxophonist.
Information resource for cult-interest New Wave of British heavy metal band includes pictures, press archive, and CD reissue details.
Latin American folk trio based in Austin; site features concert schedule, mailing list, biography, pictures, reviews and album information.
Sound samples, pictures, biography, song subtitles, news, and show dates from the ethnic fusion group.
 Chau, LoanChau, Loan
Female singer from Westminster, California. Includes photos, articles, downloads and show dates.
Biography and sound samples from the Swedish singer.
 Cheap Plastic SoldierCheap Plastic Soldier
Band from Springfield, Massachusetts. Member profiles and photos.
Newfoundland heavy pop-rock group. Biography, discography, and photos.
 Chemystry SetChemystry Set
San Francisco band mixing funk, jazz, rock, folk, Zairian rhumba, Kraut-rock and Latin rhythms. Includes show dates, biographies, sound files and reviews.
 Chen, EdisonChen, Edison
Fan forum and e-mail list.
 Chen, OdessaChen, Odessa
Show schedule, photographs, and reviews.
 Cheng, JoanneCheng, Joanne
Fan site for the Taiwanese artist with profile, pictures and press. [Also in French.]
 Cherone, GaryCherone, Gary
Former lead singer of Extreme, Van Halen and Tribe of Judah. Includes tour details, biography, news, forum, photos, archives,and discography.
 Chet RipleyChet Ripley
Emo/pop/punk/grunge band from Suffield, Connecticut. Includes news, tour dates, biography, equipment list and pictures.
 Chevan, DavidChevan, David
Jewish jazz bassist and jazz historian. Includes information and upcoming events.
 Chez JayChez Jay
An acoustic group featuring an Irish singer-songwriter and a French harmonica player. Biographies, concert dates, and song clips.
 Chiaravalle, BernieChiaravalle, Bernie
Nashville-based singer-songwriter. News, biography, tour dates, lyrics, discography, pictures and sound samples.
 Chicago Didjeridu ChorusChicago Didjeridu Chorus
Tribal instrument ensemble. Member biographies, Real Audio samples, pictures, and links.
 Chicago Metropolitan Jazz OrchestraChicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra
Twenty-piece big band performing the original arrangements of the Stan Kenton Orchestra. History, gigs, sound samples and a biography of director Lenny King.
 Chickasaw Mudd PuppiesChickasaw Mudd Puppies
Fan page for the '90s alternative rock group from Athens, Georgia includes articles, profile, discography, collecting information, lyrics, and photographs.
 Chicken SpleenChicken Spleen
Official site of the band from Christchurch, New Zealand. Includes news, biographies, music, pictures and discussion forum.
 Childish, BillyChildish, Billy
Full discographies of all of Childish's bands, such as Headcoats, Headcoatees, Mighty Caesars, Milkshakes, Pop Rivets, Del Monas, Holly Golightly and The Buff Medways. Also includes photos and interviews.
 Children of BodomChildren of Bodom
Finnish black metal band; includes news, biographies, pictures, discography, videos and reviews.
 Chiller TwistChiller Twist
Melodic techno duo; contains complete discography with free MP3 previews, downloads and reviews.
 Chillin' with MarcelloChillin' with Marcello
Independent band from Windsor, Canada, playing everything from folk to funk. With background, biographies, lyrics, pictures, and links.
 Chilly WillyChilly Willy
News, biography, gigs and contact information for the Belgian blues band. [Requires Flash.]
Ethereal alternative band from Sarasota, Florida; biography, show dates, photographs, MP3 samples, and links.
 Chipper DoveChipper Dove
Biographies, gigs and MP3s from the New Jersey rock band.
 Choder, MickChoder, Mick
Philadelphia area musician whose music has been described as funky folk/rock. Includes biography, music clips, and concert dates.
Fan site for the Hawaiian band; with articles, photographs, sounds, videos, and guitar tablatures.
 Choppers, TheChoppers, The
News, biographies, MP3s, pictures, schedule and song list.
 Chorover, KatyaChorover, Katya
Contemporary folk artist from Seattle, Washington. Biography, sound files, show dates, quotes, and CD information.
Electronic composer and musician from Germany. Biography, audio samples and pictures.
 Chou, JayChou, Jay
Biography and image gallery. At
 Chris Perez BandChris Perez Band
Biography, press, pictures and sound clips.
 Chris T-TChris T-T
English singer/songwriter based in London and Brighton. Offers news, tour information, discography, lyrics, forum, mailing list and merchandise.
 Chris Upton BandChris Upton Band
UK-based blues band. Includes member profiles and gig list.
 Christian, JamesChristian, James
Interview about his music and House of Lords.
 Christian, Kim and DanChristian, Kim and Dan
A dynamic accordion duo from the Denver area. CD sales and sound samples.
 Christie, AngellaChristie, Angella
Biography, frequently asked questions, discography, sound samples, itinerary and booking information for the Christian saxophonist.
 Christmas, ArtChristmas, Art
Canadian musician, conductor, director and music educator. Contains photographs, biography, and related links.
 Christmas, KeithChristmas, Keith
UK based blues singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist. Sound samples, news and biography.
Music, photographs, news, and interviews from the Montreal composer.
 Christopher, NoelChristopher, Noel
New England-based acoustic singer-songwriter. MP3s, gigs, biography, booking and licensing information.
 Christopher, ShaneChristopher, Shane
Dayton, Ohio pop/rock artist. Information, discography, pictures, MP3s and message board.
 ChristPunchers, TheChristPunchers, The
Show dates, audio samples and pictures.
Biographies, song downloads, news and gallery from the electro-pop band.
Official site for the Norwegian artist features news, biography, discography, pictures and song downloads.
 Chubby BunnyChubby Bunny
Official site of the circus metal band based in Salinas, California. Includes biography, sound samples, show dates and images.
 Churchills, TheChurchills, The
Official site includes audio and video clips, pictures and mailing list. [Requires Flash.]
MP3s, gigs, press and pictures.
 Ciani, SuzanneCiani, Suzanne
Electronic musician and composer based in California; includes biography, pictures, discography, video and sound clips, interviews and concert dates.
 Ciari, ClaudeCiari, Claude
Guitar player with published MIDI and MP3 files.
Unsigned punk band from Courtice, Ontario. Includes MP3s, pictures, biographies, show dates and history.
 Ciccone, DonCiccone, Don
Singer, songwriter and recording artist; includes history, news and album information.
Information about this Pet Shop Boys protege, including history, biography and chronology.
 Cicone, DawnCicone, Dawn
Biography, sound samples and personal information from the blues/pop/contemporary singer.
 Cidy ZooCidy Zoo
Michigan guitarist Bill Toll's group; features reviews, samples, biographies and information about the band and performance dates.
 Ciego KaosCiego Kaos
Five-piece thrash band from La Puente, California.
 Cifelli, KristinCifelli, Kristin
Biography, news, audio samples, lyrics, show dates, and photos of the singer-songwriter.
 Cintron, IgnacioCintron, Ignacio
Includes biography, audio, photos, and CD information.
 Circle of WillisCircle of Willis
Alternative gospel space funk group from Australia. Biography, sound clips, pictures, lyrics, news and reviews.
 Cirket BurnCirket Burn
Biography and contact information for the electronica group.
Official site of the former rock band based in Raleigh, North Carolina.
 City Lights OrchestraCity Lights Orchestra
The premiere Big Band of Chicagoland -- a 40-piece orchestra who has entertained countless corporations, associations, and charitable foundations.
 City MoonCity Moon
Country music band from Oklahoma. Includes reviews, tour dates, audio, and merchandise.
 Civil Tones, TheCivil Tones, The
Instrumental soul, surf, spy, and acid jazz band. Biography, pictures, itinerary, discography and booking information.
 Clacket LaneClacket Lane
Member profiles, history, MP3s, tour dates and lyrics from the British band.
 Clan DykenClan Dyken
World rock activist band with blues and jazz fusion influences. Includes overview, lyrics, MP3s and show dates.
 Clancy, LiamClancy, Liam
Official site, with information about Liam's projects, studio, tour dates and discography.
 Clapp, LarryClapp, Larry
Concert and recording artist, pianist and composer; has studied at Juilliard School of Music and has been in international competitions.
 Clark, AnniClark, Anni
She has been singing from Maine to Texas for over 18 years. Show dates, discography, reviews and sound clips.
 Clark, David AntonyClark, David Antony
New Zealand-based composer of impressionistic, neo-primal music on the White Cloud label. Includes discography, artist profile, and CD ordering information.
 Clark Eno Orchestra, TheClark Eno Orchestra, The
New York-based ensemble available for special events; biography, song list, reviews, and audio and video clips.
 Clark, GeneClark, Gene
Fan site for the musician and co-founder of the Byrds includes links, song archive, music sources, photographs and festival news.
 Clark, JamieClark, Jamie
Singer/songwriter from San Francisco plays guitar and piano. Audio, biography.
 Clark Sisters, TheClark Sisters, The
Fan club site for the gospel quartet features news, biographies, discography, pictures and message board. [Requires Flash.]
 Clarke, DaveClarke, Dave
News, discography, biography, and sound files from the English techno DJ and recording artist.
 Clarke, PrestonClarke, Preston
New York singer-songwriter performing jazz-infused Americana rock. Biography, shows and sound samples.
 Clarke, SteveClarke, Steve
Connecticut-based bassist, composer, producer and educator. Includes tour dates, biography, RealAudio samples and pictures.
 Claro IntelectoClaro Intelecto
Recording artist on the Ai Records label. Creating hybrid Electro, Techno and Electronica. Contemporary site design containing streaming audio.
 Clay PeopleClay People
Dedicated to the Albany band. Includes concert photos, member information and cover art.
 Clayton, JustinClayton, Justin
Fan site for the alternative British rocker, previously lead guitarist for Julian Lennon.
 Clayton, PattyClayton, Patty
Performs original ballads and "borrowed" songs about the West. Includes biography, calendar and recordings.
 Clayton, VikkiClayton, Vikki
UK singer-songwriter. News, biography, discography, pictures, lyrics, chords and album information.
 Clazzical Saxophone QuartetClazzical Saxophone Quartet
Pictures, history, reviews, gigs and contact information for the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area jazz group.
 Clean SlateClean Slate
Contemporary Christian band and music ministry of the Panton (Vermont) Community Church. Includes news, calendar and sound clips.
 Cleaning Ladys, TheCleaning Ladys, The
Chicago area band known for their humorous pop-rock and radio music-talk show "Needle Drop." RealAudio and MP3 clips, news, member profiles, history and FAQs.
 Clear Creek BandClear Creek Band
Oklahoma-based band. Includes a biography, member profiles and show dates.
 Clear Us AllClear Us All
News, biographies, pictures, shows and lyrics.
 Clear Us AllClear Us All
Basement punk band from Logan, Utah. Includes member profiles, pictures and links.
 Cleare, MikeCleare, Mike
Offers news and audio samples.
 Clearman, Susan J.Clearman, Susan J.
Composer, pianist, accordionist and organist. Performs with a number of "Flavors" ethnic bands.
 Cleary, JanCleary, Jan
Independent neo-folk/rock artist based in New York City. Includes biography, pictures and sound samples.
 Cleaves, SlaidCleaves, Slaid
Information about this American singer/songwriter.
 Cleaving HeevagesCleaving Heevages
Eight-piece band From Norwich, England, playing a wide spectrum of styles. Profile, gigs, reviews, merchandise and booking information.
British band playing rock music from the 1950s to the present. Includes member profiles, equipment list, news and pictures.
 Clement, RobbieClement, Robbie
An index of links related to this Wisconsin singer-songwriter and owner of the Tomorrow River Music record label.
 Clements, RodClements, Rod
CD reviews, biography, discography, show dates, pictures, forum and links to the singer-songwriter's bands.
 Clewer, JaneyClewer, Janey
Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Album information, biography, pictures, news and fan club.
 Cliff Edge PanicCliff Edge Panic
Pictures, MP3s and profile of the '80s Irish rock band.
 Climax Blues BandClimax Blues Band
Contains history, member profiles, discography, gig guide, news and mailing list.
 Cline, David NeilCline, David Neil
Heavy/hard rock artist from Detroit. Offers a biography and reviews.
News, profile, gigs, and audio samples from the London band.
 Cloning EinsteinCloning Einstein
Smooth new adult contemporary pop music. RealAudio and free MP3s, indluding a contemporary remake of U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.'
News, biography, song descriptions and pictures.
 Cloud CanisCloud Canis
Information about the band.
 Cloud9 Mission, TheCloud9 Mission, The
British jazz, soul and funk project. Includes biography, album information, MP3s and news.
 Clouds, TheClouds, The
Discography, lyrics and reviews for the Australian band.
Acoustic band based in Bristol, England. Biography, audio and video clips, gigs, lyrics and artwork.
 Cluster Pluckers, TheCluster Pluckers, The
Blends bluegrass, folk and gospel music. Site offers a biography, MP3 samples and links.
 Clyne, Roger and The PeacemakersClyne, Roger and The Peacemakers
News, biographies, pictures, press, tour dates, lyrics, audio and video from the independent band from Arizona.
 Cobb, KarenCobb, Karen
Official information source for her new album 'Happy'. Sample tracks and ordering information.
 Cobra VerdeCobra Verde
Snazzy music, revealing photos, scandalous stories, titillating tidbits, behind-the-scenes goings on and enough propaganda to keep you brainwashed for months.
 Cochon BleuCochon Bleu
A Cajun band from the Netherlands. Contact information, band biography, discography, song samples, and pictures.
 Cocktail AngstCocktail Angst
Psychedelic jazz quintet from Brooklyn, New York. Includes press, band profiles and history, show dates, lyrics, MP3 downloads, photos, discography, and merchandise.
 Cocktail RevisionistsCocktail Revisionists
Seattle, Washington alt-rock band. Biography, news, reviews, calendar, merchandise and links.
 Code Talkers, TheCode Talkers, The
The official home of the band which features Col. Bruce Hampton; including news, upcoming shows, photos, and a message board.
 Cohen, ScottCohen, Scott
Los Angeles guitarist; includes biography, pictures and audio samples.
Grunge band from Tennessee. Features news, biographies and links.
 Cold Shott and The Hurricane HornsCold Shott and The Hurricane Horns
Rhythm and blues/blues/soul band from Arizona. News, biographies, gigs, pictures, newsletter and MP3s.
 Cold, TheCold, The
Fan site for the '80s New Orleans pop band includes history, news, MP3s, articles, lyrics and pictures.
 Coldspoon Conspiracy, TheColdspoon Conspiracy, The
News, history and pictures from the Dublin indie rock band.
Christian metal band from York, Pennsylvania; includes biography, shows and pictures.
 Cole, NaidaCole, Naida
Biography, sound samples, performances, bulletin board and press from the Canadian pianist.
 Coleman, DeborahColeman, Deborah
Blues guitarist and singer providing discography, tour dates, biography, and audio samples.
 Colgate, BillColgate, Bill
Roots rock singer-songwriter. Biography, album information, songs in development and news.
 Colionne, NickColionne, Nick
Combining jazz with rhythm and blues and funk. Offers photos, biography, upcoming events and discography.
Driving industrial soundtracks fueled by technotic beats, grinding guitars and ethereal female vocals.
New York-based electropunk band. News, bulletin board, pictures and tour dates.
 Collins, BillCollins, Bill
Biography of the singer/songwriter from his record label.
 Collum, BobCollum, Bob
UK based roots/pop rock singer-songwriter. Tour dates, news, biography, reviews and pictures.
 Color Green,TheColor Green,The
Los Angeles rock band featured in the movie "Girl". News, biography, MP3s, pictures, tour information and forum.
 Color TheoryColor Theory
Official site for the electronic piano pop artist features news, discography, sound samples, and publicity photos.
 Colouring Books, TheColouring Books, The
Electronic pop band from Perth, Western Australia. News, song samples, gigs and pictures. [Requires Flash.]
News, history, upcoming events, sound files, lyrics, and CD information for the band from Co. Cork, Ireland.
 Colt, C.W. and the Alligator PiratesColt, C.W. and the Alligator Pirates
Americana singer-songwriter from Key West, Florida. Includes pictures, sound samples and biographies.
 Colville, EricColville, Eric
Singer/songwriter based in Massachusetts, U.S. Includes biography, lyrics, MP3 audio, upcoming events, and discography.
Playlist, member profiles, pictures, tour dates from the Maine band.
 Combo LatinoCombo Latino
The musicians of Combo Latino come from El Salvador, Spain, Cuba, Argentina and Germany and are based in Europe. Site in German, English and French.
 Combs, DanielCombs, Daniel
Emo-alternative Christian artist. Includes a biography, news, booking information and links.
 Comley, AndyComley, Andy
English singer/songwriter. MP3 audio for download, interview, and photograph.
Official site maintained by the band themselves.
 Commodores Big Band, TheCommodores Big Band, The
Seventeen-piece band in Victoria, British Columbia, specializing in big band and ballroom dance music. History, repertoire, recordings, calendar and booking information.
Rapper from Illinois. Chat room, biography, news, fan club, merchandise, and video clip.
 Common AddictionCommon Addiction
Punk rock trio; includes pictures, lyrics and downloads.
 Common EnemyCommon Enemy
Hardcore/punk band from Reading, Pennsylvania. News, show dates, pictures, MP3s, lyrics and street army information.
 Common, TheCommon, The
Original rock band from Indiana. Includes a biography, press kit, show dates and pictures.
 Companhia das MusicasCompanhia das Musicas
Group based in New Jersey playing Portuguese music with traditional instruments. Show dates, biographies, sound files, and photo album.
 Comrade JackComrade Jack
Sounds, pictures, biographies, lyrics and gigs from the punk band.
 C.O.N. 82C.O.N. 82
Biographies, news, lyrics and events for the punk rock band.
 Con BrioCon Brio
Description, pictures, tour dates and audio samples.
 Con DemekCon Demek
Rhythmic, chaotic, Industrial Noise.
 Concept 7Concept 7
South London-based industrial techno group; news, discography, MP3s, videos, biography and contact information.
 Concrete SkyConcrete Sky
American New Age rock band from Virginia; features MP3s, lyrics and news.
 Condemned ConceptionCondemned Conception
Niagara Falls/Buffalo NY area hard rock and thrash metal band.
 Condiments, TheCondiments, The
Seattle indiepop band compared to Velocity Girl and Superchunk. Shows, discography and audio clips.
 Conditioned ResponseConditioned Response
Official web site for the Twin Cities-based hard rock band. Concert dates, RealAudio, chat and pictures.
 Cones CorrodedCones Corroded
Biography, concerts, press, pictures, discography and MP3s.
 Conflict of InterestConflict of Interest
Metal band from Bitburg, Germany. From
 Conflict OK!Conflict OK!
Estonian punk and hardcore band. Includes discography, gig list and contact information.
Jazz rock fusion band from Athens, Greece. History, discography, pictures, news and equipment information.
 Confusion ZeroConfusion Zero
Pop-hardcore punk band from Savannah, GA. Offers pictures, lyrics and merchandise.
 Conjunto Con ClaveConjunto Con Clave
12-member salsa band from Arnhem, The Netherlands. Overview, MP3 and pictures.
 Conley, MikeConley, Mike
Fort Wayne, Indiana singer-songwriter. Includes journal, news, MP3s, show dates, biography and photo gallery.
Funk/jazz/pop band from Norwich. Gig listings, biographies, MP3s and discography.
 Connor, SarahConnor, Sarah
German singer; news, biography, discography, multimedia.
Album information, tour dates, message board, discography and MP3s from the activist band.
South Florida dance/rock band; features biography, schedule, booking information and sound samples. [Requires Flash.]
 Conspiracy JohnConspiracy John
Official site for the metal band with tour dates and tour journal.
 Container Drivers, TheContainer Drivers, The
Official website for the UK indie band. Includes news, history, tour dates, discography and blog.
 Conte, PaoloConte, Paolo
Biography, discography, articles, news, tour dates, and reviews of the Italian pianist. [English and Italian; paid subscription required for some features.]
 Contenders, TheContenders, The
Rock and roll band with an eclectic electric sound. Site contains rare photographs and member profiles.
 Continental DriftersContinental Drifters
Official band site with news, tour dates, merchandise, history. Roots-rock band featuring former members of the Bangles, dB's and Dream Syndicate.
 Contours, TheContours, The
Motown band known for "So You Love Me" which was included on the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack. Includes biography and discography.
 Contrast, TheContrast, The
Fan site for the UK band. Includes reviews, gig listings, photos, interviews, links, and news.
Quartet of professional musicians playing popular classical music for weddings, banquets, corporate hospitality based in Birmingham, England. Includes portfolio and repertoire.
 Control Group, TheControl Group, The
US pop/rock band. Includes information about the group, gigs, press clips, sample music. [Requires Flash]
 Controllers, TheControllers, The
Official web site for the rhythm and blues vocal group.
 Controversy SparkControversy Spark
Pictures, equipment, pictures and chat from the British band.
 Convertible BlondesConvertible Blondes
Rock band from Ohio and West Virginia area. Biographies, music samples, photo gallery, tour dates, and message board.
 Convertible JennifersConvertible Jennifers
New York-based pop band; includes show dates, MP3s and booking information.
 Conway, BrianConway, Brian
New York-based sligo fiddler playing traditional Irish tunes. Biography, album and song information, and calendar.
 Conway, ChrisConway, Chris
UK folk, jazz, and world musician. Includes biography, discography, news, gigs, pictures, and CD information.
 Conwell, WhiteyConwell, Whitey
Contemporary blues and rhythm and blues coming out of The Golden State.
 Cook, ChristinCook, Christin
Audio/video clips, photos and information on dating from the teenage worship leader.
 Cool Waters Band, TheCool Waters Band, The
Latest news, concert dates, reviews and merchandise.
Interview with lead singer Miss Benny at
 Cooley HighCooley High
Member profiles, gigs, news and pictures of the band.
 Cooper, Jessie AllenCooper, Jessie Allen
Soft jazz/ambient musician based in Santa Monica, California. Biography, album information and MP3s.
 Cooper, RickCooper, Rick
Biography, pictures, performance dates and information on lessons from the Seattle-based guitarist.
 Cooper, Wilma Lee and StoneyCooper, Wilma Lee and Stoney
American mountain singing group, with biography, guest book, discography, lyrics, citations, DVDs, videos, compact discs, and a fan page.
 Copely, MarcCopely, Marc
Singer-songwriter. Audio/video downloads, photos and news from the road. [Requires Flash.]
 Copenhagen Police BandCopenhagen Police Band
A wind orchestra with 45 members from Denmark.
 Coppola, MichaelCoppola, Michael
Official site of the jazz guitarist offers a biography and reviews.
 Copse Rd.Copse Rd.
News, history, gigs and pictures from the UK rock quartet.
 Coral, TheCoral, The
News, tour information, video and audio clips, biography, press for the Merseyside, England band. [Requires Flash.]
 Core DeviceCore Device
Biography, reviews, pictures, forum and sound and video clips for the metal band.
News, tour information, biographies, pictures and links to audio and video streams.
Corky Laing speaks to
 Corliss, KathyCorliss, Kathy
Musically addictive songs of new rock pop artist Kathy Corliss.
 Cornelio, LisaCornelio, Lisa
News, schedule and contact information for the New York City-based singer-songwriter.
Japanese electronic artist, real name Keigo Oyamada. Biography, discography, audio and video files, and photos from his US record label.
 Corre, JayCorre, Jay
Official site of the jazz tenor sax artist provides an archive of classic photos, tributes and streaming audio.
 Correo AereoCorreo Aereo
World music duo from the Seattle area; features news, history, pictures, sound samples and reviews.
 Corrupt DollhouseCorrupt Dollhouse
Member profiles, lyrics, gigs and pictures.
 Corruption Inc.Corruption Inc.
Official homepage of the metal band from the land of the thousand lakes, Finland.
 Cortes, John and Digital AmbianceCortes, John and Digital Ambiance
Biography, booking and contact information for the jazz saxophonist.
 Cortex BombCortex Bomb
News, album information and audio from the Tucson, Arizona, band.
 Corwin, DaveCorwin, Dave
Free MP3 and Real Audio downloads. Also known as David Polcino.
 Coryell, LarryCoryell, Larry
Biography, discography, photos, forum, shopping, tour dates, news, and links.
 Cosmic BallroomCosmic Ballroom
Swedish rock 'n' roll knockouts. News and pictures.
 Cosmic MercyCosmic Mercy
Includes a biography, gig dates, pictures, lyrics and audio/video samples.
 Cosmic Wheels, TheCosmic Wheels, The
Tour dates, MP3s and contact information from the jam band.
 Costa, AlaideCosta, Alaide
Site of the Afro-Brazilian singer.
 Cotten, ElizabethCotten, Elizabeth
Index of links related to the late singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer of "Freight Train".
 Cotters BequestCotters Bequest
Pan Celtic band from Australia playing 23 instruments with lush vocals performed in Irish, Scottish, Manx, Welsh and Cornish languages.
 Cotton, PaulCotton, Paul
Lead guitar player for the country rock band Poco. Provides a biography, photos, and lyrics.
 Coulter, Nicholas; and Graham HargroveCoulter, Nicholas; and Graham Hargrove
Includes biographies, images, and liner notes.
 Count RoculaCount Rocula
Electronic music producer with a bent towards drum and bass. Audio samples, loops, show dates, biography, bulletin board and pictures.
 Count, TheCount, The
Newcomer band from Germany combines Electro and Gothic-Metal. Get the MP3s and the latest news on their official homepage.
 Countdowns, TheCountdowns, The
Swiss beat band; features biography, discography, lyrics, pictures and booking information
A local band from Michigan that is crunching out all the new sounds.
Band from the East Bay Area of California. MP3s and cool stuff plus upcoming show information.
 Country MileCountry Mile
Member profiles, pictures, news, song samples, history, song list, schedule and fan feedback from the Ohio original country music band.
 Couple of Guys, ACouple of Guys, A
Live acoustic music in the Greater Toronto area. Available for playing material from the 60's to the 90's at private parties and pub nights.
 Course of NatureCourse of Nature
Fan site for the Alabama-based hard rock band with news, audio and video links, and show reviews.
 Courtesy of NothingCourtesy of Nothing
New Jersey band influenced by Deftones, Tool, Mudvayne and Taproot. Biography, shows, pictures, street team and link to MP3s.
 Courtney, David and ChandrakanthaCourtney, David and Chandrakantha
A husband and wife team who perform traditional North Indian music.
 Courtney, PeteCourtney, Pete
Irish musician; biography, reviews, audio and video clips, lyrics, gigs and forum.
 Cousins, RandallCousins, Randall
Biography, discography and MP3s from the Canadian producer, writer and performer.
 Coventry RoadCoventry Road
Funky alternative band from New Jersey. Schedule, news, pictures and mailing list.
 Cover Me Quick!Cover Me Quick!
Alternative band from the Philippines; includes history, news, link to MP3s, gigs and pictures.
 Covert, RalphCovert, Ralph
Interview with
 Covington, JulieCovington, Julie
Fan site for the British singer includes chronology and pictures.
 Cowan, JohnCowan, John
Rock/gospel/rhythm and blues singer. Biography, tour dates, interview, pictures, and sound files.
 Cowette, CathyCowette, Cathy
Maine singer/guitarist; MP3s, press and show dates.
 Cox, DougCox, Doug
Canadian steel and slide guitarist.
 Cox, TinaCox, Tina
Biography, pictures, MP3s, and demo CD information from the Illinois soul singer.
 Coy, DanCoy, Dan
Jazz guitarist from Atlanta, Georgia. Biography, sound clips and reviews.
 Coyne, KevinCoyne, Kevin
Official site includes newsletter, tour dates, MP3, discography and an online gallery with prints, drawings and paintings.
 Crabb, KemperCrabb, Kemper
Musician whose styles include medieval, Celtic, hard rock and praise. Includes biography and audio samples.
 Crack City RockersCrack City Rockers
Information and lyrics, from the Portland, Oregon band.
 Crack Pipes, TheCrack Pipes, The
Pictures, discography, essays, unreleased tracks and show dates.
 Crack The SkyCrack The Sky
US progressive band; news, releases, biography, bulletin board and lyrics.
 Craig, CathrynCraig, Cathryn
One half of the duo Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby. Tour dates, contact information, biographies, pictures, news, and reviews.
 Crane, BenCrane, Ben
Western singer, composer and cartoon artist. Includes audio, pictures and a biography.
Soul-searching metal band from India. Contains history, tour dates, lyrics, and MP3 files.
Hardcore metal band. Includes news, lyrics, fan club, biographies, and chat.
Indie lo-fi band from Pennsylvania. Album information, sound samples and studio log.
 Crash Kills FourCrash Kills Four
A band out of Albuquerque NM. Rock meets Emo. Tales of true experience told in songs.
 Crash Motive, TheCrash Motive, The
Official site of band from Delaware playing a mixture of rock and electronica. Includes biography, MP3 samples, show dates, pictures, forum, and merchandise.
Rock band from the UK. Includes information, biography, MP3, photos and merchandise.
 Crashing BlueCrashing Blue
Sound samples, news, shows, biography, images and quotes from the Nova Scotia band influenced by Dave Matthews Band and Radiohead.
Bristol-based punk pop trio; news, biography and discography.
 Craven, BeverleyCraven, Beverley
Fan site for the UK singer-songwriter includes lyrics, pictures, news, past tour dates, biography and facts.
 Craver, MikeCraver, Mike
Biography, discography, pictures, press and information on the musicals of this pianist and singer.
 Crawdaddies, TheCrawdaddies, The
Cajun/Zydeco rhythm band from Baltimore. Offers a biography, photos and member profiles.
 Crazy MaryCrazy Mary
Indie garage band from New York City.
 Crazy RhythmCrazy Rhythm
Contact information, discography, sound clips and events.
 Creamer, LauraCreamer, Laura
Singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. Biography, discography, audio clips, and concert dates.
Features show listings, biography, and photos. Requires Flash.
 Creeper LagoonCreeper Lagoon
Exclusive feature at Launch. Pictures, audio clips and links.
 Creeping Charlies, TheCreeping Charlies, The
Includes biographies, sound files, listing of past gigs and news.
The synthetic music of C.S. Graves.
 Cribbs, JanieCribbs, Janie
Sings the stories of a life well traveled, her beautiful voice creating an atmosphere variously described as a "warm hug" and "music from strength".
 Crifasi, OctoberCrifasi, October
Official site of the singer-songwriter and performer includes gigs, workshops, biography and contact information.
 Crimzon RozeCrimzon Roze
Classic/heavy alternative rock band from Kansas. Includes sound clips, pictures and tour information.
 Cripple Creek BandCripple Creek Band
Fan site for the German country band includes news, history, discography, schedule and pictures.
 Cripple Mr OnionCripple Mr Onion
New Zealand progressive metal band. News, biography, MP3s and pictures.
UK punk band that was the starting point for Death In June founders Douglas Pierce and Tony Wakeford. Discography, sounds, photos, links, and information.
 Cristian, ManoloCristian, Manolo
Includes biography, pictures, lyrics and audio samples of this Italian singer.
 Critical AcidCritical Acid
Swiss band that plays funk, acid jazz and hip hop.
 Critical MassCritical Mass
Biography, discography and MP3s from the San Francisco Bay area ska band.
 Crittenden, MelodieCrittenden, Melodie
Song samples, biography and calendar from the Nashville-based singer.
 Crizzy and the PunxCrizzy and the Punx
Interview with
 Crockett, ChrisCrockett, Chris
California singer-songwriter offering a different song for download daily. Includes biography and newsletter.
 Crocodile ShopCrocodile Shop
Features news, biography, real audio, merchandise and links.
 Crome YellowCrome Yellow
Sheffield rock group. Provides audio samples and biographical information.
 Cromwell St.Cromwell St.
Tour information, biography, audio and news from the band based in Naperville, Illinois.
"Energetic, disillusioned punky-tonk from a gritty, crafty bunch of free spirits." - CMJ
 Croquet KillersCroquet Killers
Colorado punk band; includes member profiles, news, MP3s, show reviews,
 Cross BreedCross Breed
Four member punk band from Osahawa. Includes lyrics, pictures and news.
 Cross Canadian RagweedCross Canadian Ragweed
Official site for the Texas alt-country band with biography, tour dates, video and pictures.
Images, audio and video clips, desktop wallpapers, message board and tour dates.
California band that loves the Lord and pursues to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone through their music.
Austrian rock and blues duo. Includes a history and WAV files.
 Croston, SachaCroston, Sacha
Show dates, facts, biography and message board for the UK singer.
Norwegian dark rock band; features MP3 files and photos.
 Crown of ThornsCrown of Thorns
Official site for the band, fronted by Jean Beauvoir (ex-Plasmatics). Includes lyrics, photos, biography and discography.
San Francisco band combining acoustic blues of Howling Wolf with the swirling unpredictability of Ornette Coleman. Show dates, MP3s, press, member profiles and mailing list.
 Crozier, BillCrozier, Bill
Songs written and recorded by Bill Crozier about science, Peace Corps, existence, work, and such things.
 Crucified, TheCrucified, The
The original site for punk/metal band The Crucified.
 Crüde, TheCrüde, The
'70s-style punk rock band from Chicago. Includes news, biography, shows, pictures and concert clips.
 Cruisin' Down Memory LaneCruisin' Down Memory Lane
Reading, Pennsylvania-based "oldies" band playing dance music of the '50s, '60s and '70s. Biography, schedule, pictures and song list.
Pictures, lyrics, sound and video clips, news, fanzine information, discography and reviews for the UK band.
 Crusaders, TheCrusaders, The
Verve Records site for the jazz-funk instrumental band with biography, discography, audio samples and tour dates.
Metal/hard rock band from Louisville, KY: sound samples, pictures, biography, news and reviews.
 Crushed StarsCrushed Stars
MP3s, reviews, tour dates and album ordering information.
 Crutch, TheCrutch, The
Band member profiles, song list and pictures.
 Crux IntentionCrux Intention
Biography, news, tour dates, pictures, MP3s and contact information for the Christian rock band.
 Cruz, EdgarCruz, Edgar
Biography, discography, tour dates and tablature from the Oklahoma acoustic guitarist.
 Cruz, Joe and TraceyCruz, Joe and Tracey
North Carolina-based singer-songwriters and worship leaders. Audio samples, news and pictures.
 Crying SoulsCrying Souls
Melodic hard rock band based in the south of Luxembourg. Includes MP3s, album information, pictures and biography.
One-man German trance project; overview, MP3s and top 20 list. [German and English.]
Belgian hardcore jump house techno trance beat bass group. Includes member profiles, equipment list, sound samples, news and history.
The official site for the metal trio. News, biography, press, discography and pictures.
Colorado teen rock/alternative band.
 Crystal BallCrystal Ball
Melodic/hard rock group from Switzerland; includes biography, pictures, tour dates, press, discography and audio samples.
 Crystal ClarinetsCrystal Clarinets
Jazz sextet made up of four clarinetists with bass and cello.
 Crystal EcstasyCrystal Ecstasy
Finnish glam-rock band. Gigs, news, lyrics, pictures, discography and sound clips.
 Crystal PistolCrystal Pistol
News, gigs, pictures, MP3s, wallpaper, forum and mailing list for the rock band.
 Crystal Projects, TheCrystal Projects, The
Includes samples, videos, pictures. [English and German.]
 Crystal River TrioCrystal River Trio
An index of links related to this Wisconsin folk group.
 Crytes, StephaneCrytes, Stephane
Press clips, discography and pictures from the Canadian experimental jazz drummer. [English and French.]
Electronic music with influences from hiphop and drum and bass. Free MP3 files.
 Cui JianCui Jian
Chinese rock star, featuring news, discography with lyrics and sound samples, biography and photos.
 Cuir BleuCuir Bleu
Oakland, California-based band; includes calendar, MP3 links and news.
Improvisational group from Croatia with electronic, free jazz and noise elements. Biography, pictures, discography, calendar and audio clips. [Requires Flash.]
 Cullen, DavidCullen, David
An index of links related to this fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumentalist.
 Cullen, MichaelCullen, Michael
Reviews, album information, link to MP3s, catalogue, biography, pictures and lyrics for the Australian independent artist.
 Cummins, Paul and the Lion DogsCummins, Paul and the Lion Dogs
Offers a profile and MP3 downloads for the blues band.
 Cunningham, WesCunningham, Wes
The latest information on touring, releases, press coverage, as well as lyrics and links.
 Curb DogsCurb Dogs
Hardcore punk band from Zurich, Switzerland. Gig schedule, biography, discography, photographs, flyer gallery, and MP3 files.
"Art-progfunkal" band from Essex, UK. News, MP3s, pictures, history and show dates.
 Curran, MarjiCurran, Marji
Australian singer/songwriter and guitarist; biography, gigs, pictures and audio samples.
 Currently Unnamed Band, TheCurrently Unnamed Band, The
Official site of The Currently Unnamed Band out of New Milford, CT.
Official site for the dark-tinged rock band based in New York with biography, news, photos, and free MP3 downloads.
 Curtain Society, TheCurtain Society, The
Includes tour dates, photographs, discography and merchandise for this pop band.
Instrumental guitar music with rock, jazz and blues influences. Free MP3 and Real Audio files.
 Curtis, CatieCurtis, Catie
Boston-based folk singer-songwriter. Provides a biography, photos, news, audio samples, and links. [Requires Flash]
 Curtis, ChrisCurtis, Chris
Fan club information and pictures of the rhythm and blues and soul singer based in Florida.
 Curtis, Jayme KellyCurtis, Jayme Kelly
An independent singer, songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist who performs and records in Northern California. Includes a tutorial of tools for songwriters.
 Curtis, LesleyCurtis, Lesley
Biography, tour dates and album information for the UK singer-songwriter.
 Curtola, BobbyCurtola, Bobby
Detailed history and images of the Canadian rock and roll singer.
Official band site with free MP3 downloads of their original brand of rock.
 Cushing, BobCushing, Bob
English singer and guitarist's site features biography, pictures and gigs.
 Cushman, CharlieCushman, Charlie
Bluegrass musician and session player specializing in banjo, guitar and vocals. Biography, facts, banjo set-up tips, pictures and bookings.
 Cusson, MattCusson, Matt
Pianist and singer-songwriter. Biography, performances and pictures.
 Custom CaravansCustom Caravans
The Caravans are a surf/garage rock band from Laramie, Wyoming. The official site has MP3s, photos, articles, and other information.
 Cutlery, MelwoodCutlery, Melwood
Toronto folk/rock singer-songwriter. Biography, pictures and audio samples.
Punk band for people who like punk.
 Cutting Edge Band, TheCutting Edge Band, The
Celtic/folk band from Scotland. Features news, band profiles, discography, lyrics, tours and audio clips.
 Cuttle, JeffCuttle, Jeff
Jesus-driven guitar-rock'n Christian Contemporary.
Information, discography, MP3s and samples from the electro-organic groove band.
 Cycle of DeathCycle of Death
Biography, pictures, schedule and MP3s.
Hamburg-based drum 'n' bass producer. News, profile, discography and audio. [Requires Flash.]
Electronica music experiment mixing drum and bass, punk, dub reggae and hardcore. Includes biography, discography, MP3s, videos, show dates and message board.
Electronic artist on the Rephlex label. Release and gig news, a discography, an archive and some exclusive MP3s.
Modern post-industrial EBM outfit from Germany. Includes news and general information on the band.
Official site includes news, tablature, lyrics, articles and information on members' current activities.
An independent rock band. Includes member profiles, pictures, background story, lyrics, and sound files.



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