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Maberly, Kate 2
Mac, Bernie 4
MacArthur, James 5
Macdonald, Kelly 5
MacDonald, Norm 5
MacDowell, Andie 4
Macfadyen, Angus 3
Macht, Gabriel 2
MacInnis, Alison 1
Mack, Allison 7
Mackenzie 1
Mackintosh, Steven 2
MacLachlan, Kyle 2
MacNicol, Peter 1
Macy, William H. 5
Madigan, Amy 4
Madison, Guy 2
Madonna 62
Madsen, Michael 4
Madsen, Virginia 5
Magnani, Anna 2
Maguire, Tobey 6
Mahonen, Michael 5
Mahoney, John 1
Mahoney, Matthew 0
Malil, Shelley 1
Malkovich, John 6
Mangan, Stephen 6
Mantegna, Joe 9
Mantooth, Randolph 3
Marceau, Sophie 5
March, Forbes 1
Marciano, David 1
Mariye, Lily 2
Marlowe, June 1
Maroney, Kelli 2
Marsden, James 1
Marsh, Kyal 5
Marshall, Garry 4
Marshall, Paula 3
Marsters, James 15
Martin, Andrea 2
Martin, Dean 8
Martin, Kellie 8
Martin, Rudolf 3
Martin, Seth 1
Martin, Steve 6
Martin, Tony 2
Martines, Alessandra 0
Martinez, A 3
Marx Brothers 19
Mason, James 2
Masterson, Danny 2
Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth 2
Mastroianni, Marcello 4
Mastroianni, Pat 1
Matsu, Takako 2
Matteo, Drea de 3
Matthews, Francis 0
Mauer, Gary 3
May, Elaine 2
McAdams, Rachel 9
McCallum, David 2
McCarthy, Andrew 0
McCarthy, Jenny 6
McClain, Cady 3
McClements, Catherine 0
McClure, Doug 2
McClurg, Edie 3
McConaughey, Matthew 4
McCormack, Eric 1
McCullough, Kimberly 0
McCutcheon, Martine 5
McDaniel, Hattie 7
McDiarmid, Ian 3
McDormand, Frances 1
McDowall, Roddy 1
McEwan, Geraldine 3
McFadden, Gates 2
McGillis, Kelly 3
McGowan, Rose 10
McGregor, Ewan 43
McKellar, Danica 1
McKellen, Ian 3
McKenzie, Benjamin 3
McKenzie, Bret 3
McLean, Sally 4
McLeod, Sarah 3
McNiven, Julie 4
McShane, Ian 3
McVicar, Daniel 1
Meek, Nanci 0
Meeker, Ralph 3
Meloni, Christopher 2
Melville, Sam 2
Merriman, Ryan 6
Metcalfe, Jesse 0
Meyer, Dina 3
Meyers, Jonathan Rhys 8
Midkiff, Dale 4
Midler, Bette 10
Milano, Alyssa 7
Miles, Elaine 1
Miles, Sarah 1
Miles, Sylvia 0
Miller, Larry 2
Miller, Penelope Ann 2
Miller, Wentworth 7
Mills, Hayley 2
Mills, Sir John 5
Milner, Martin 0
Miranda, Carmen 4
Mitchell, Beverley 4
Mitchell, John Cameron 2
Mitchell, Thomas 2
Mitchell, Warren 2
Mitra, Rhona 0
Monaghan, Dominic 4
Monaghan, Michelle 3
Monroe, Marilyn 49
Montgomery, Elizabeth 3
Montgomery, Poppy 1
Monty Python 18
Moore, Demi 5
Moore, Mandy 23
Moorehead, Agnes 8
Moran, Dylan 20
Moranis, Rick 2
Morgan, Dermot 4
Morgan, Tracy 3
Morgenstern, Maia 1
Morris, Howard 4
Morris, Kathryn 2
Morrison, James 2
Morrison, Jennifer 4
Morrissey, David 4
Mortensen, Viggo 26
Mortimer, Emily 3
Moss, Carrie-Anne 7
Moynahan, Bridget 3
Mulgrew, Kate 2
Mumy, Bill 2
Murphy, Brittany 5
Murphy, Eddie 9
Murray, Bill 6
Murray, Devon 4
Muth, Ellen 5
Myers, Mike 4

Movies - Arts 35,162

M - People, Arts 1,102

Theatre - Performing Arts, Arts 5,179

Television - Arts 10,266

 Mac Rae, MeredithMac Rae, Meredith
Offers biography, career credits and images.
 Macdonald, David AndrewMacdonald, David Andrew
Offers biography, career credits, forum and images for actor David Andrew Macdonald.
 MacDonald, DrewMacDonald, Drew
Canada based actor. Includes resume and links.
 Maggart, GarettMaggart, Garett
Official site includes news, events, photos, multimedia and biography.
 Malcolmson, LeeMalcolmson, Lee
London based actor. Includes resume, photos and contact information.
 Maldonado, TomasMaldonado, Tomas
Provides biography, resume, portfolio, clips and contact information.
 Marchelletta, JeffMarchelletta, Jeff
US based actor. Official site includes biography, filmography, photos, news, video, links and contact information.
 Marr, PamelaMarr, Pamela
Offers biography, headshots, resume, photos and contact information.
 Martin, Tanjareen ChereMartin, Tanjareen Chere
Offers clips, headshot, resume, chat area and photos.
 Mathews, Bruce B.Mathews, Bruce B.
Los Angeles based actor. Includes resume, photos and contact email.
 Matthews, JamisinMatthews, Jamisin
California based actor/model. Includes resume, photos and contact details.
 McCabe, JessicaMcCabe, Jessica
Offers biography, photo and video galleries, resume, career credits and contact information.
 McCord, AlexMcCord, Alex
New York-based actress. Includes news, biography, resume, reviews, photos and contact information.
 McDougall, RobertMcDougall, Robert
Florida based actor and voiceover artist. Includes news, photos, audio files, and contact information.
 McGaha, KrisMcGaha, Kris
US based actress and comedienne. Official site includes filmography, biography and photos.
 McGlothin, Bryan LeeMcGlothin, Bryan Lee
Los Angeles based actor and writer. Includes movie resume, reviews, upcoming projects and contact email.
 McKinney, Nina MaeMcKinney, Nina Mae
Offers biography, tributes and photos.
 McKinney, PaulMcKinney, Paul
US based actor. Includes resume, biography, photos and contact details.
 McKoy, MadisonMcKoy, Madison
Provides news, biography, resume, photos, chat area and merchandise for this American-born, Australia-based actor, singer, songwriter.
 McLean, SallyMcLean, Sally
Includes filmography, curriculum vitae, biography for the Australian actress.
 McMurrough, JohnMcMurrough, John
California based actor. Includes resume, photos and contact details.
 McNeil, NatalieMcNeil, Natalie
Includes headshot, recent castings, training and education, special skills, resume and contact information.
 Mealing, AmandaMealing, Amanda
Details include curriculum vitae, interviews and forums.
 Mercer, JoMercer, Jo
Includes resume, photo gallery, news and merchandise.
 Mercier, MichèleMercier, Michèle
Offers biography, filmography, images and information relating to the Angélique movies.
 Michael, GregoryMichael, Gregory
Official site offers profile, media, forum and contact information.
 Michelle, VickiMichelle, Vicki
UK based actress, known for her role as Yvette in the sitcom, Allo Allo. Official site includes resume, photos, and contact information.
 Mickel, MarisaMickel, Marisa
New York/Los Angeles based actress. Includes headshots, resume and contact information.
 Miller, DennyMiller, Denny
Provides biography, appearance schedule, career credits, media clips, screen saver and merchandise.
 Miller, RickMiller, Rick
Montreal based, award-winning actor and comedian. Includes news, photos and contact details.
 Minyard, BrianMinyard, Brian
US based actor. Includes biography, events information and contact details.
 Miranda, SoledadMiranda, Soledad
Offers biography, photos, filmography, tributes and message board.
 Mitchum, BentleyMitchum, Bentley
US based actor. Includes filmography, pictures, contact details and links.
 Moelter, AmberMoelter, Amber
Offers biography, personal statistics, photos, career credits and contact information.
 Moet, MeiraMoet, Meira
U.S. based actress. Includes biography, photos and contact details.
 Monte, Paul DionMonte, Paul Dion
U.S. based actor. Includes resume, photos, interviews, and a revolving art gallery.
 Monu, NickMonu, Nick
Provides news, biography, curriculum vitae, gallery and demo reels for the Vienna-based television and theatre actor.
 Moore, ShenitaMoore, Shenita
Provides photo gallery, resume, reels, biography, weblog, news and related links for the Los Angeles based actress.
 Morrill, E.F.Morrill, E.F.
US based actor. Includes statistics, resume, photographs and contact information.
 Morton, EuanMorton, Euan
Features news, career credits, articles, photos, mutimedia and merchandise.
 Motley, ByronMotley, Byron
Actor, singer, dancer, performer and director. Promotes the Negro Leagues and Negro League Baseball Museum.
 Mukes , RobertMukes , Robert
Offers demo reel in two formats, resume, biography and gallery.
 Munro, PamelaMunro, Pamela
Resume, pictures, and contact information for this SAG, AEA, and AFTRA actress.
 Murphy, LexyMurphy, Lexy
Australia based comedy actress. Includes resume, news, photos and contact details.
 Myles, SophiaMyles, Sophia
Provides information on screen appearances, photos, transcripts of interviews and desktop wallpapers. Mo’ Mo’Nique
Actress chats about everything from her stand-up act to her best selling book.



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German 82
Italian 33
Spanish 111


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