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 Art and Life in Africa ProjectArt and Life in Africa Project
  An extremely rich source of information on African art and its cultural contexts. Based on the Stanley Collection at the University of Iowa.
 The Maurer CollectionThe Maurer Collection
  Collection of artifacts used in rites of divination in Central and West Africa. Extensively illustrated with scholarly text.

 Adinkra Symbols of West AfricaAdinkra Symbols of West Africa
A guide to the Asante traditional symbols, with photos of adinkras in use.
 Adire African TextilesAdire African Textiles
Hand-woven textiles including Ashanti kente and adinkra, Ewe kente, Yoruba adire and aso oke, Kuba raffia cloths, and Bogolan mud cloth from Mali.
 Affrica GalleryAffrica Gallery
Informative site run by gallery in Washington, D.C.
 Africa DirectAfrica Direct
A variety of African tribal art, with good cultural information on many of the objects.
 Africa In StoneAfrica In Stone
Zimbabwean Shona sculpture in materials such as African jade, serpentine, and soapstone.
Wide assortment of arts and crafts, with considerable cultural background on the objects.
 African ArmsAfrican Arms
Traditional creations of edged weaponry of medieval Africa, using indigenous wood carving and metal working styles.
 African Art: Aesthetics and MeaningAfrican Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
A nicely annotated on-line exhibition of African art from the University of Virginia.
 African Art CenterAfrican Art Center
Nonprofit organization promoting black artists and craftspeople of KwaZulu Natal and South Africa.
 African Art CollectionAfrican Art Collection
African tribal arts dealer. Photographs and descriptions including some information on cultural significance.
 African art collection.African art collection.
A diverse collection of African art with extensive cultural information on the objects and people.
 African Art CourseAfrican Art Course
Materials for a University of Virginia course on African arts, with images, bibiliographic information, and web links.
 African Art: MakondeAfrican Art: Makonde
Links to some sites specializing in Makonde arts and crafts.
 African Art ShopAfrican Art Shop
Tribal Art (mostly African), links, and descriptions of some African styles.
 African Arts and Culture Discussion GroupAfrican Arts and Culture Discussion Group
Discussion group about African art and culture.
 African MasksAfrican Masks
Collection of African masks, most of which are for sale.
 African Millennium FoundationAfrican Millennium Foundation
International trader and exhibitor of Zimbabwean Shone stone sculptures. Site displays news about recent events and images from exhibitions and galleries held in Toronto and London.
 African Odyssey InteractiveAfrican Odyssey Interactive
Wide range of resources, originates at Kennedy Center (Washington, DC).
 African QuintessenceAfrican Quintessence
African art, mainly from Benin, with nice images and descriptions of cultural significance.
 African Sculptural ArtAfrican Sculptural Art
Papers on the development of sculptural art in Africa, from pre-Iron Age to modern.
 African SculptureAfrican Sculpture
Images of a private collection.
 African Tribal Art MuseumAfrican Tribal Art Museum
A collection of African art (700 objects; 90 ethnic groups) and lots of information African tribal peoples.
 AfricanArt OnlineAfricanArt Online
Dealer specializing in African arts.
Databank with over 4,000 photos from 1870 to the present and much cultural information.
Collection of African art objects: exchange of information and/or of objects
 Akan Cultural SymbolsAkan Cultural Symbols
Explanations of the iconography of Akan art.
 All About African artAll About African art
Information for those starting an African art collection; the regions, types of art and the people who make them.
 All About ShoowaAll About Shoowa
Rich source of information about Shoowa raffia textiles.
 Art and Oracle: Metropolitan Museum of Art ExhibitionArt and Oracle: Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition
African art and divination rituals. Includes a map of sub-Saharan Africa, and essays on divination.
 Art Creations AfricaArt Creations Africa
Stone sculpture gallery and exhibitions of work of African artists, including Shona Stone sculpture.
 Art of AfricaArt of Africa
Bushmen/San arts and crafts from the Kalahari.
 Axis GalleryAxis Gallery
Gary van Wyk's gallery, with exhibitions. Emphasis on South Africa.
 Azani Stone Gallery Zimbabwe Shona SculptureAzani Stone Gallery Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture
Zimbabwe Shona stone sculpture, including busts, abstracts and wildlife art.
 Belgium's Royal Museum for Central AfricaBelgium's Royal Museum for Central Africa
Periodic on-line exhibitions as well as a guide to the Brussells museum. Includes a search facility for finding websites with information about central Africa.
 Charles Jones African ArtCharles Jones African Art
Traditional African art, with many images and explanations of cultural significance of the objects.
 Davis GalleryDavis Gallery
Art and sculpture of West and Central Africa
 deYoung Museum African CollectiondeYoung Museum African Collection
Extensive collection of images and information from the San Francisco museum.
 Dimondstein Tribal ArtsDimondstein Tribal Arts
Many images and information on African tribal art.
 Douglas YaneyDouglas Yaney
African tribal art objects, with sections for items likely to interest the beginner and those likely to interest more advanced collectors.
 The Ebony TreeThe Ebony Tree
Tribal African gallery with masks, statues, and other tribal arts
 Emory University Collection of African ArtEmory University Collection of African Art
An exhibition of part of the university's permanent collection of African art. Good accompanying essays on various aspects of African art.
 Ethnix Gallery of African Art & Tribal ArtifactsEthnix Gallery of African Art & Tribal Artifacts
New York dealer.
 G. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and CultureG. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture
An outstanding collection of photographs, many showing objects of art in their cultural settings.
 Galerie EzakwantuGalerie Ezakwantu
Central and Southern African tribal art. In Franschhoek, South Africa.
 Gallery QuackelbeenGallery Quackelbeen
Brussels dealer with images of pots, masks, textiles and statues.
Contemporary African art, especially Zimbabwean sculpture.
 H-AfrArts Expressive Cultures of AfricaH-AfrArts Expressive Cultures of Africa
A seriously scholarly site, with moderated discussion boards. From Michigan State University.
 Hamill Gallery of African ArtHamill Gallery of African Art
A commercial site with nicely documented thematic exhibitions that change every few months. Past exhibitions are viewable as well.
 Jacaranda TribalJacaranda Tribal
Art from south and east Africa, with lot of cultural background information.
 Jembetat Gallery of African ArtJembetat Gallery of African Art
Tribal art from West and Central Africa.
 Joy Christie's GalleryJoy Christie's Gallery
Dallas, Texas dealer in tribal arts and artifacts,contemporary paintings and original jewelry featuring tribal components.
 Kerr Museum ProductionsKerr Museum Productions
Consultants on African art and display installations. Offers 3-D images of African sculpture.
Personal collection and background information about Koma sculptures.
 Masengo GalleryMasengo Gallery
Calgary (Alberta, Canada) gallery of Shona Stone sculpture from Zimbabwe.
 Masks and MoreMasks and More
Masks, African art and primitive paintings.
 McCue Tribal ArtMcCue Tribal Art
Many images and some cultural information.
 Moba ArtMoba Art
Information on Moba (Togo and Ghana) sculpture.
 Museum for African ArtMuseum for African Art
New York's Museum for African Art.
 Museum of African Art in BelgradeMuseum of African Art in Belgrade
Museum of African art, mainly the collection of Veda and Dr. Zdravko Pečar
 National Museum of African ArtNational Museum of African Art
The National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution. Exhibitions, articles, and museum calendar of events.
Swiss exhibition venue dedicated to contemporary African arts, crafts and design. Site is multilingual.
Multilingual categorized collection of links to sites about African art.
 Picard Trade Bead Museum And African Art GalleryPicard Trade Bead Museum And African Art Gallery
Dealer in African art and trade beads, with a trade bead museum.
 Ralph Proctor GalleryRalph Proctor Gallery
A gallery of African art, with periodic thematic exhibitions.
 Rand African ArtRand African Art
Images of a private collection with lots of pictures and information.
 Ryann Willis Ancient ArtRyann Willis Ancient Art
Dealer specializing in ancient African arts (mostly terracotta), with nice exhibitions.
 Sculptures of ZimbabweSculptures of Zimbabwe
Gallery of Shona stone sculpture..
 Senufo ArtSenufo Art
Brief description of the Senufo aesthetic tradition; part of an auction house series.
 Shani GalleryShani Gallery
African masks and sculpture with brief descriptions of their traditional significance.
 Shona SculptureShona Sculpture
A collection of 67 Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe, with some history of this genre.
 StoneAge Art CompanyStoneAge Art Company
Shona sculpture from 250 Zimbabwe carvers.
 The Suaga CollectionThe Suaga Collection
Noncommercial site showcasing a private collection of African masks.
 Sukuma MuseumSukuma Museum
Museum devoted to the culture and art of the Sukuma (Tanzania, Africa).
 Tribal IndexTribal Index
Database of results of tribal art auctions.
 UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural HistoryUCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History
Emphasis on works from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas, past and present.
 Von Burg GalleryVon Burg Gallery
San Francisco dealer in African tribal arts.
 The World of Beduin WeavingThe World of Beduin Weaving
Extensive information on weaving by the Beduins of North Africa.
 Yahoo! Groups: AfricanAntiquesYahoo! Groups: AfricanAntiques
Discussion board on African art.



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