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e 9
Infinity 6
phi 23
Pi 68
0 - Zero 3

Fibonacci Numbers 19
Integers 13
Perfect Numbers 11
Prime Numbers 71
Pseudorandom Numbers 23

Cryptography - Projects, Distributed Computing, Computer Science, Computers 12

Counting and Numbers - Math, School Time, Kids and Teens 7

Number Theory - Math, Science 1,101

 Absolutely Abnormal NumbersAbsolutely Abnormal Numbers
Published as math.NT/0006089, this note investigates numbers that are normal to no base whatsoever, and writes down explicitly such a number.
 Arabic numeralsArabic numerals
Describes the history of the Arabic numeral system that is in use nearly all over the world today.
 Ask Dr. Math: History of the Terms Google and GoogleplexAsk Dr. Math: History of the Terms Google and Googleplex
Explains how these very large numbers (1 followed by a hundred zeroes, and 1 followed by a google of zeroes, respectively) were named. With links to references. From Swarthmore's Dr. Math.
 Catalan Number -- MathWorldCatalan Number -- MathWorld
Illustration of the Catalan numbers related to Euler's polygon division problem.
 FAQ on Special NumbersFAQ on Special Numbers
Answers to Frequently asked questions about special numbers.
 Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden section in NatureFibonacci Numbers and the Golden section in Nature
Puzzles and things to do, for schools, teachers, colleges up to university level students, or just for recreation.
 Friedmann's S-NumbersFriedmann's S-Numbers
These are numbers where an expression can be given using the operations of addition and squaring, using the digits of a number in order, which gives the original number. Algorithms, theorems and results.
 37 Heaven37 Heaven
Collects information around the number thirty-seven.
 Indian numeralsIndian numerals
Describes the history of the Indian numeral system.
 Inverse Symbolic CalculatorInverse Symbolic Calculator
A set of programs and specialized tables of mathematical constants dedicated to the identification of real numbers.
 Jewish Encyclopedia: Numbers and NumeralsJewish Encyclopedia: Numbers and Numerals
Discusses the uses and symbolism of various numbers in Hebrew literature.
 Just Who is Mr. 666?Just Who is Mr. 666?
Uses gematria to calculate the number of the beast, and evaluates what it may mean w/r specific Hebrew words and names in the Bible adding up to 666.
Many minor miracles for magically-minded mathematicians!
 Mathematical ConstantsMathematical Constants
Stephen Finch has published a book of this title and here provides various supplementary materials.
 Mathematical Constants and ComputationMathematical Constants and Computation
Essays, references, links, software.
 Number GossipNumber Gossip
Numerous special categories of numbers, searchable.
 RJN's More Digits of Irrational NumbersRJN's More Digits of Irrational Numbers
Several million digits of e, and the square roots of 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.
 Square root of 2Square root of 2
Provides information about the square root of 2, lists the first 1000 digits and provides links to pages with up to 5 million digits. Also contains download links for programming libraries for calculating numbers with high precision or many digits.
 Stewy's SiteStewy's Site
The infinitesimal is the opposite of infinity, and mathematicians still argue over its existence. This page probes into one of the weirdest numbers in mathematics.
 Sum BeastlinessSum Beastliness
Some simple mathematics associated with 666, the Number of the Beast.
 Triangular NumbersTriangular Numbers
Properties of triangular numbers including reversible, happy, harshad, highly composite, deficient, abundant ones.
 Vampire NumbersVampire Numbers
Numbers with a factorization containing the same digits, e.g. 1530 = 30*51.
Dedicated to the natural order of the universe and to the irrational and logical chaos it presents.
 Wikipedia - Mathematical constantWikipedia - Mathematical constant
A list of constants with links to more detailed information.
 World of NumbersWorld of Numbers
Includes a collection of randomly gathered numbers, curios, puzzles, palindromes and primes.



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