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 ABCml: Analysis of Bone Counts by Maximum LikelihoodABCml: Analysis of Bone Counts by Maximum Likelihood
Software that implements a statistical method for analysis of bone counts from archaeological or paleontological sites. Java version of the software and documentation.
 Alaska Consortium of ZooarchaeologistsAlaska Consortium of Zooarchaeologists
Volunteer organization dedicated to improving the comparative collection at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Offers workshops, presents papers, sponsors symposia, and produces publications.
 Ancient Biomolecules CentreAncient Biomolecules Centre
University of Oxford research center in the Departments of Zoology and Biological Anthropology. Projects include research on Phylogenetics, Pathogens, and Beringian permafrost.
Publishes yearly papers of archaeozoological nature, in the widest sense of the term not just in the strictly biological one. Includes abstracts of all ten volumes produced to date.
 Archaeozoology in New ZealandArchaeozoology in New Zealand
Contains detailed information on several current research projects in New Zealand.
Collaborative content site organized around sections that can contain numerous articles and links.
 ArchNet: Faunal ResourcesArchNet: Faunal Resources
Links related to identification of animal remains.
 Bibliography of Foodways and Zooarchaeology on Historical SitesBibliography of Foodways and Zooarchaeology on Historical Sites
Compiled by William Hampton Adams.
 Binghamton University Archaeological Analytical Research FacilityBinghamton University Archaeological Analytical Research Facility
Specimens represent taxa from the Northeastern United States, and include examples from South America, West Africa, and the Arctic. Species list and contact information.
 Bioarchaeological ReferencesBioarchaeological References
A bibliography of papers on identifying and interpreting biological remains from archaeological sites in terms of human usage, biogeography, and paleoecology. Compiled by the Laboratory for Environmental Biology, a research division of the Centennial Museum.
Online community for zooarchaeology.
 Caerwent Animal Bone RemainsCaerwent Animal Bone Remains
Kevin Smith's Dissertation on the faunal remains recovered from 4th century deposits in the Romano-British town of Caerwent.
 California State University Chico Zooarchaeology LabCalifornia State University Chico Zooarchaeology Lab
Skeletons of mammals, birds, and fish typical of Northern California and the Western Great Basin, where most of Chico State's archaeological research takes place. Detailed facility profile.
 Canadian ZooarchaeologyCanadian Zooarchaeology
A forum for topics of interest to zooarchaeologists working in Canada, and abroad. Regular and special feature articles are complemented by a variety of listings and exchanges.
 Cetacean Zooarchaeology Research NetworkCetacean Zooarchaeology Research Network
Informal network of individuals whose research interests include cetacean remains in archaeological contexts.
 Colorado State University ZooarchaeologyColorado State University Zooarchaeology
Collection of pages related to L.C. Todd's zooarchaeology class. Includes information on coding animal bones and bison osteology.
 Computerised Bone TemplatesComputerised Bone Templates
Presents an approach to the computerized recording of graphical zooarchaeological data using digital image templates and graphic software packages.
 Contribution of Archaeozoology to Landscape ArchaeologyContribution of Archaeozoology to Landscape Archaeology
Paper whose principal argument is that information provided by animal bones about ancient landscapes is indirect but critical (RTF File).
 Domestication Revisited: Its Implications for Faunal AnalysisDomestication Revisited: Its Implications for Faunal Analysis
Abstract of a Journal of Field Archaeology paper by Howard Hecker.
 English Heritage Professional Zooarchaeology GroupEnglish Heritage Professional Zooarchaeology Group
Aim is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between those within universities and those working within units or as freelancers.
 Ethnozoology IndexEthnozoology Index
An exhibit in Minnesota State University's EMuseum with information on Egyptian, Roman, Mexican and Wisconsin ethnozoology with links.
 The Fish Bones from Orford, SuffolkThe Fish Bones from Orford, Suffolk
Report prepared by Mark Beech and Charlie Stokes for the Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service. Includes abstract and link to order full report.
 Florida Museum of Natural History - Zooarchaeology Comparative CollectionFlorida Museum of Natural History - Zooarchaeology Comparative Collection
Skeletons of vertebrates and exoskeletons of mollusks and crustaceans from the southeastern United States, the West Indies, the circum-Caribbean area, and northwestern South America. Collection databases and contact information.
 Grahame Clark Laboratory for ZooarchaeologyGrahame Clark Laboratory for Zooarchaeology
Profile of the laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Includes staff profiles and brief descriptions of research projects.
 ICAZ Animal Palaeopathology Working GroupICAZ Animal Palaeopathology Working Group
Palaeopathology forum and downloadable bibliography [DOC format].
 Indiana University Zooarchaeology LaboratoryIndiana University Zooarchaeology Laboratory
Profile of this laboratory whose purpose is to accumulate skeletal remains of indigenous animal species to facilitate identification of faunal materials from Indiana and contiguous states.
 International Council for ArchaeozoologyInternational Council for Archaeozoology
ICAZ is an international organization for those interested in studying the rich history of human/animal interactions through the analysis of archaeological animal bones.
 International Journal of OsteoarchaeologyInternational Journal of Osteoarchaeology
Provides a forum for the publication of papers dealing with all aspects of the study of human and animal bones from archaeological contexts. Including coverage in the following key areas: palaeopathology, physical anthropology, epidemiology, chemical analysis, exploitation of animal resources, taphonomy.
 Late Prehistoric Subsistence in Central IndianaLate Prehistoric Subsistence in Central Indiana
Report on the faunal remains from three prehistoric sites in Indiana by Rexford C. Garniewicz.
 Marine Turtle Exploitation in Bronze Age OmanMarine Turtle Exploitation in Bronze Age Oman
Paper by Christine Mosseri-Marlio, published in the Marine Turtle Newsletter.
 MSc in ZooarchaeologyMSc in Zooarchaeology
Overview of University of York graduate program.
 North Atlantic Biocultural OrganisationNorth Atlantic Biocultural Organisation
NABO is an interdisciplinary, international, non-governmental regional research cooperative that works to serve scholars interested in the interactions of humans and changing landscapes across the North Atlantic region.
 The Palaeopathology of Horse HusbandryThe Palaeopathology of Horse Husbandry
Presentation of this research project being carried out at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge.
 Research into the AurochsResearch into the Aurochs
Research to retrace the history, morphology and ecology of the extinct aurochs (Bos primigenius).
 Seasonality BibliographySeasonality Bibliography
A selected bibliography of studies related to determining seasonality from bone remains.
 UCLA Zooarchaeology LaboratoryUCLA Zooarchaeology Laboratory
Profile of this laboratory which maintains a collection of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, native and domestic, from California, Central America, and Peru.
 University of Oregon ZooarchaeologyUniversity of Oregon Zooarchaeology
Profile of the zooarchaeology program including staff and comparative collection information.
 Zooarchaeology In Sarasota CountyZooarchaeology In Sarasota County
Popular press article which serves as an introduction to zooarchaeology.

 Dig Discovery is Oldest 'Pet Cat'Dig Discovery is Oldest 'Pet Cat'
From BBC, oldest known evidence of people keeping cats as pets may have been discovered by archaeologists. (April 8, 2004)
 Did Carolina Dogs Arrive With Ancient Americans?Did Carolina Dogs Arrive With Ancient Americans?
From National Geographic, Carolina Dog live much like the dogs of ancient times, suggesting to researchers that they may be America's most primitive dogs with roots that could stretch back across the ancient Asia-America land bridge. (March 11, 2003)



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