Do you have a
bigger vision of your life
that you want to actualize?

If your answer is “yes”…

You are invited to participate in an Actualization Journey led by Zaz founder Kevin JT Binder, creative, entrepreneur & former tech maven.

Awaken Your Visionary Self


Bring your vision to life from a space of presence and awareness.

Share perspectives with like-minded and like-hearted others as we explore life's big questions, our aspirations—our dreams and our vision for them. Benefit from the insights, support and Emergent Wisdom of the group.

Weekly on Thursdays.
Optional 15m Daily Practice M-F.

Weekend orientation session on a Saturday (also optional).

Your Path of Actualization

When we bring attention and energy to what we are here to create and what we want to see in the world, transformation and actualization become inevitable.

Our path of actualization is created by returning to our True Self as we approach, and tap into, our highest potential.

What to expect

Once you've registered, you will be sent a Zoom link to orientation sessions that happen throughout the week. Attend an orientation session to get any questions you may have answered, and to familiarize yourself with how the course will be structured. Flexibility has been designed into the course in order to give you full rein on how you approach your Actualization Journey.

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The Format

Optionally attend 15 minute Daily Practice sessions throughout the week M-F (the Tuesday sessions include an additional 15 minutes, for 30 minutes total — opt to stick around for a short round of shares or step away at quarter after).

We hope you will attend the Thursday sessions live, but should you miss a week, when new material is presented you will have access to a recording for 48 hours after receiving it.

The course concludes with a Saturday celebration.

Course Description
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To participate in the Actualization Journey, please complete this Registration form, accessible here.

You will also have access to Kevin's daily practice recordings which are integral to the program. A themed recording will be released each week to support you on your Actualization Journey. You may choose to optionally purchase a discounted Founding Members subscription for access to all 15 of these recordings toward the end of the course.

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Experience the power of presence and co-creation.
Listen to the voice of life and begin to follow its direction.

Let go of what limits you and welcome what empowers you.
Overcome or dissolve perceived obstacles with ease and grace.