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 Aites, EdwardoAites, Edwardo
Technical information on the cyanotype process. Additional resources for further study as well as examples and information on other alternative processes such as Polaroid Image Transfer.
 Auerbach, GaryAuerbach, Gary
Large format platinum photography. Portraiture, cityscapes, and Polaroid image transfers. Virtual Gallery, articles, how-to's, and links. Commissioned portraiture. Located in Old Hacienda Resort in Tucson Arizona.
 Baca, ElenaBaca, Elena
Gumoil photography and mixed media photography.
 Baker, FrancisBaker, Francis
Conceptual, alternative photography including cyanotype, van dyke brown and mixed media installations.
 Bech, AminaBech, Amina
Works with the technique docufiction(approaching true stories using fictional re-enactment)
 Beckworth, DeanBeckworth, Dean
Features split-toned black and white works made from distressed negatives. Images, links, and contact information.
 Beresford, AliceBeresford, Alice
Techniques such as fabric prints and print out paper using 4x5 negatives. Based in Ireland, but gathers most of her material from travels abroad.
 Bolgiano, JohnBolgiano, John
Techniques used include cyanotype, Van Dyke, gum bichromate, lithograph printing,infrared and pinhole. Also contains technical information about processes and gallery.
 Brown, L.S.Brown, L.S.
Polaroid transfers, handcoloring, and digital manipulation of L. S. King (formerly L.S. Brown).
 Casjens, LaurelCasjens, Laurel
Through wide angle lenses, toning, and solarization, photographer Laurel Casjens provides a unique perspective on stunning landscapes.
 Chernewski, AnitaChernewski, Anita
A rich mixture of various alternative processes and approaches including Van Dyke, palladium, pinhole, cyanotype, and photograms along with silver gelatin.
 Chris, MorganChris, Morgan
Gum bichromate close-ups of insects.
 Comola, SabrinaComola, Sabrina
Abstract Photography. Photographic technique includes the use of cameras and computer programs.
 Cooper, BobbyCooper, Bobby
Black and white, hand-colored, hand-painted, hand-tinted photography and portraiture. Children, adults, landscapes, cityscapes, street scene. Polaroid SX-70 manipulation, limited edition giclee prints.
 Davidhazy, AndrewDavidhazy, Andrew
Instructor of photographic science and technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. A specialist in high speed, infrared, ultraviolet, panoramic, peripheral, and forensic.
 Day, Carolyn AnnDay, Carolyn Ann
Handcolored black and white images layered with colored pencils, photo oils and black marker. Subjects include architecture, antiques, beach resorts and travel scenes.
 Devlaeminck, AndréDevlaeminck, André
Bromoil photos of Scotland, Belgium and France.
 The Face of TomorrowThe Face of Tomorrow
A visual theory of how the world may look with the progression of globalization.
 Ferguson, TomFerguson, Tom
Platinum, palladium, and cyanotype still lifes.
 Foster, William A.Foster, William A.
Illustrative site showing range of the alternative processes examples.
Images from seven Northern California fine art photographers. Includes SX-70 manipulations, Polaroid transfers, Ilfochrome prints, cross processed Ilfochromes, infraed Images and links to related sites.
 Giudicelli, Jacqueline and JeanGiudicelli, Jacqueline and Jean
Practitioners of the gum bichromate process for the past 15 years.
 Gregory, JoyGregory, Joy
A combination of 19th century printing process with digital media. Includes projects, archives, press, and contact.
 Gum Bichromate ExhibitionGum Bichromate Exhibition
An international exhibition of gum bichromate prints, featuring the works of Suzzane Izzo, Denise Kramer, Sam Wang, Eddie Willems, and Sarah Van Keuren.
 Hall, RobertHall, Robert
Infrared and lith processes. Pictures of steam trains, desert scenes, japanese tea gardens and some architecture.
 Holmes, ElizabethHolmes, Elizabeth
Infrared, handcolored, black and white photographs of rural landscapes, cityscapes, beachscapes, and nature.
 Johnston, JohnJohnston, John
Fashion, people, fine art, pinhole, plastic cameras, commercial. Shoots for ad agencies, stock, magazines, annual reports, design firms. BFA in photography/film. Working artist with work in international, private, and corporate collections.
 Jones, ChristopherJones, Christopher
Diana camera, Polaroid transfers and SX-70, night and pinhole photography.
 King, AllanKing, Allan
Uses a 12"x24" view camera and the traditional platinum/palladium printing to shoot landscapes and scenic black and white images.
 Klassen, VinceKlassen, Vince
Historical platinum and palladium prints of commercial, editorial, wedding, and personal photography.
 Kouklis, KerikKouklis, Kerik
Photographs in platinum/palladium, gum-bichromate over platinum and printing out paper (POP). Photography workshops.
 Lee, Terry D.Lee, Terry D.
Specializing in Platinum and Silver. Includes gallery, links, biography, and contact information.
 Lovenguth, ChristopherLovenguth, Christopher
Daguerreotypes of recent works, portraits, and landscapes. Also includes information about the process.
 Luckett, JamesLuckett, James
Manipulated found negatives, and Polaroid self portraits.
 Lunsford, FlemingLunsford, Fleming
Polaroids, pinhole photographs, roller transfer prints, and conventional fine art images.
 Madigan, MarthaMadigan, Martha
Photograms and sun prints of natural things and human beings. Includes information on the process. [Shockwave plug-in required]
 Mahbub, FarahMahbub, Farah
Architecture and landscape galleries with images from Iran and South Africa and a few from my hometown Karachi, Pakistan.
 Makris, NickMakris, Nick
Sepia toned photos on this site are produced through a meld of computer technology and the proven methods of printing with nobel metals such as platinum and palladium. (requires Flash plug-in)
 Mamone, ArrigoMamone, Arrigo
Italian artist and printmaker who works with historical and traditional photographic processes, mainly photogravure, gum and carbon processes.
 Mark D RobertsMark D Roberts
Samples of work.
 Mathias, Jeffrey D.Mathias, Jeffrey D.
Platinum/Palladium photographs and folding screens. Includes an instructional guide.
 McAdam, FrankMcAdam, Frank
Site emphasizing pictorial and solarization techniques.
 McElrath, SteveMcElrath, Steve
Platinum palladium photographs of the northwest and beyond.
 McMillan, Judith KMcMillan, Judith K
Using the X-Ray technique, McMillan photographs the internal structures of plants.
 Metoyer, John H.Metoyer, John H.
Various images by John H. Metoyer using cyanotype, heat transfer, and other processes.
 Meyers, Steven N.Meyers, Steven N.
Fine art x-ray photography of nature. Includes technical information.
 Micklin, TomMicklin, Tom
Large Format Photographs made using the Bromoil process and contact printed on AZO paper. Paper negatives and digital controls are also used.
 Miller, PeterMiller, Peter
Photogravure, etching, and other intaglio techniques. Includes selection of works with subject matter including seascapes, temples, winter gardens, Normandy, Umbria, Silk Road, and Mongolia.
 Miller, Siouxsan E.Miller, Siouxsan E.
Photographs of doors, chairs, gardening, sewing, housework, leaves, teacups and sunflowers. Printed in cyanotype and gum bichromate on watercolor paper.
 Millett-Barrett, JenniferMillett-Barrett, Jennifer
Contemporary artist who works in a range of mediums that incorporate photographic images, including photo etchings, mixed media installations, and digital imagery.
 Mościcki, TomaszMościcki, Tomasz
Uses the gum bichromate technique. Subject matter includes Polish landscapes, Polish orthodox minority, orthodox monasteries, Cyprus, and new architecture.
 Moers, DennyMoers, Denny
Uses fixative and natural elements to create dramatic and colorful images from black and white prints.
 Nanian, JohnNanian, John
Documentary, portraiture, architectural/site/interior, handmade negatives, glass photographs, archival processing
 Neilsen, EricNeilsen, Eric
Information on platinum printing as well as samples of several alternative process prints. Links to other related sites.
 Nzé, ChristianNzé, Christian
Portfolio, mostly 8 x 10 contact prints in Ziatype (palladium, platinum, gold process).
 Palmer, HarryPalmer, Harry
Images called tallpecs, created from photographs of Alberta and Saskatchewan in celebration of their centennials in 2005.
 Philippe AyralPhilippe Ayral
Large format platinum/palladium and silver photography. Portfolios of personal work
 Prifti, DavidPrifti, David
Photographic assemblages which explore family relationships and the elusive nature of memory by using liquid photographic emulsion to print images onto wood, metal and ceramic fragments.
 Purdy, SusanPurdy, Susan
Photograms from past exhibitions, resume, and a journal.
 Roach, LouiseRoach, Louise
Exhibition of mixed-media art created by Santa Fe artist. Several techniques such as: Polaroid emulsion transfer, collage, computer manipulation, and painting.
 Ruzickova, PetraRuzickova, Petra
Romantic natural secluded spots, architecture, sculptures, animals as living sphinxes, and suggestive portraits.
 Schmidt, MichaelSchmidt, Michael
Portraits, stills, jazz, and reports using alternative methods such as Polaroid transfer.
 Schurig, CarstenSchurig, Carsten
Gallery of Cyanotypes, mainly landscape, cityscape and architecture.
 Sloan, VictorSloan, Victor
Irish artist who comments on various social, cultural and political issues, using photography, painting and collage.
 Soinio, KariSoinio, Kari
Works deal with the relationship of landscape and human body to identity. Techniques include reverse printing through paper negatives, out-of-focus photography, and documentary photography. In Finnish and English.
 Stephen LivickStephen Livick
Many gum bichromate murals of goddess Kali and yoganis from Calcutta, India. Murals of 'Mother Earth,' a work in progress, as well as articles and text relating to the work.
 Taibi, AngeloTaibi, Angelo
Presents techniques such as bromoil, infrared, cyanotype, liquid emulsion, pyro development, and lith printing.
 Talman, Donna HamilTalman, Donna Hamil
Using blue-toned cyanotype and brown-toned Van Dyke to transform her images.
 Theisen, Ernest J.Theisen, Ernest J.
In photography for over 20 years; displays his Southwestern portfolio of 15 bromoil transfer prints.
 Todd WalkerTodd Walker
Artist whose nontraditional, photography-based work continues to be an inspiration for other artists.
 Truett, MerylTruett, Meryl
Award-winning hand-colored, Diana, pinhole, and alternative process Polaroid images of Nashville,TN, Savannah,GA, New York, Mexico, and other interesting places.
 Tuttie, ElizabethTuttie, Elizabeth
Large format platinum. Images of death, the self and landscapes.
 Veasey, NickVeasey, Nick
Photographer and film-maker Nick Veasey works with x-ray and scientific equipment to create unusual imagery to commission.
 Voinel, M.Voinel, M.
Gallery of fine-art nude cyanotypes.
 Volledal, PerVolledal, Per
Norwegian artist working with pinholes, bromoils, cyanotypes, and information about the processes.
 Ware, MikeWare, Mike
Galleries, discussions and resources for argyrotypes, cyanotypes, chrysotypes and platino-palladiotypes.
 Watts-Martinez, KathrynWatts-Martinez, Kathryn
Argyrotype photography, digital negatives on hand coated water color paper, iron based argyrotype chemistry and hand coloring many of the subjects.
 Webb, PenniWebb, Penni
The Beauty of Aging series is a collection of hand painted photographs of Mexico, California, The South and New Mexico.



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