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 About PhotographyAbout Photography
Technical information for the amateur photographer.
 Basic Photography GuideBasic Photography Guide
General overview of basic photography principles, including shutter speeds, depth of field, film types, flash, and macro photography.
 Better Photo TipsBetter Photo Tips
Photography tips, quotes, articles, and galleries. - Photography Articles, - Photography Articles, Interviews
Photography tips and articles. Subjects include landscape and nature photography.
 Beyond PhototipsBeyond Phototips
Photography resource for photography tips, tricks, techniques, and theory.
 Binary PhotographyBinary Photography
Vbulletin forums containing digicam and digicamcorder setups, tips and tricks, multiple galleries, meetings and events, human interaction and collaboration, best prices and places to buy, best equipment to own.
 Car Photography TutorialsCar Photography Tutorials
A selection of tutorials on how to photograph cars in various conditions. Including case studies and additional tutorials on editing car shots.
 Chapter 13 PhotographyChapter 13 Photography
Regular advice and training articles with creative and technical aspects of photography covered. Reviews of photography exhibitions. Tutorials and examples of photographic techniques.
 Color Spectrum PhotographyColor Spectrum Photography
Articles on how to take better pictures of a variety of subjects and settings. Includes a photo gallery which contains portrait and scenic photographs. Also has a section devoted to digital photography.
 Daystar Visions TutorialsDaystar Visions Tutorials
Different articles by Dale Cotton: composition lessons for beginners and amateur photographers; camera fundamentals; exposure metering.
 Decor PhotographyDecor Photography
Tips for the beginner, covering film, camera operation, and techniques for shooting in special situations.
 Digital photography 360Digital photography 360
Several tips on underwater, wedding, wildlife, winter and fireworks photography.
 Digital Photography SchoolDigital Photography School
This site dedicated to giving photography tips and tutorials to photographers of all levels.
Easy depth of field calculator in three languages: English, German and Italian.
 Doty, JimDoty, Jim
Includes techniques section and an introduction to digital photography. Also provides a display of nature, people and travel images.
Photography tutorial videos: photography class and lessons, tips, photo editing, lighting.
Basics of photography theory. Includes a simple explanation of exposure theory and SimCam, a virtual camera that helps you learn about exposure concepts.
 Family Photography TipsFamily Photography Tips
Tips/techniques on posing, photography, storage, and cameras.
 Film Photography GuideFilm Photography Guide
Basic photography tips and techniques for film photography.
 Film to PixlsFilm to Pixls
About the change from film to digital photography.
 Flash Tips and TricksFlash Tips and Tricks
Examples from a photographers sketch book. A web site with images and sketches showing you how to place remote flashes for the best results.
 Focus on PhotographyFocus on Photography
How to take travel pictures like a pro.
 FotoSharp GuidesFotoSharp Guides
Laminated field reference cards for photographers. Photo Tips and Tricks: tripod alternatives, film tips. Depth of field discussion.
 Free Photo ResourcesFree Photo Resources
Tips on various subjects photography.
 Free Photo TipsFree Photo Tips
A few basic photo tips including posing, exposure, film, techniques, flash and lighting tips, camera tips to help you to take better photos for your family.
 Gafney Photo Tips and TricksGafney Photo Tips and Tricks
Basic photography learning with easy to follow tips and tricks.
 Garry Black Photography; Tips and TechniquesGarry Black Photography; Tips and Techniques
Advice on how to photograph waterfalls, and fireworks, how to make multiple exposures and use filters effectively. E-mail Gary your questions and he will post answers.
 General photography tips and techniques.General photography tips and techniques.
Various subjects from family to landscapes.
 High Speed PhotographyHigh Speed Photography
An amateur guide to computer controlled photography of short duration events.
 HM Group's Photo SchoolHM Group's Photo School
Insights and lessons on photographic composition, film, and techniques.
 Hobby MakerHobby Maker
Photographic articles and reviews, homemade devices, hints and tips.
 How Stuff Works: Photographic FilmHow Stuff Works: Photographic Film
An illustrated description of how the film in a camera works.
 Imaging Technical LibraryImaging Technical Library
Online photographic and digital imaging knowledge and technique library in Chinese and English.
 Lens Filter AdvisorLens Filter Advisor
Offers filter suggestions for beginning photographers. Digital Photography Digital Photography Tips
Ten tips to help take great digital photos that go well beyond the typical snapshot. Includes comparison images.
 Michael's Photography SchoolMichael's Photography School
Photography tutorial videos on many aspects of taking photos.
 Nature and Color PhotographyNature and Color Photography
An introduction to nature photography using color science, slide-film techniques and software corrections. Flatbed scanner-based macro-photography is also discussed.
 Nature PhotographyNature Photography
Creative techniques: example images, galleries, information about equipment, tutorials, and digital photography.
 On AssignmentOn Assignment
Lighting techniques.
 Online Imaging ReferenceOnline Imaging Reference
Online photographic and digital imaging knowledge and technique, presented with feature essays and topic library.
 Petteri's PontificationsPetteri's Pontifications
Several articles and how to guides covering composition, light, lenses and other photographic techniques. Also includes photographic portfolio and equipment reviews.
 Photo HelpPhoto Help
A digital scrapbook of photography hints, tips, articles, images.
 Photo QuickiesPhoto Quickies
A collection of tips and tricks for beginner and amateurs learning the art of photography.
 Photo ThisPhoto This
Advice around photography, films, and cameras
Basic photography advice for the beginning amateur photographer from a retired professional. Includes advice based on specific situations and common mistakes.
 PhotoForum FAQPhotoForum FAQ
List of answers on topics ranging from techniques, professions, history and even some philosophy.
 Photographic Composition Articles LibraryPhotographic Composition Articles Library
Information about how to improve a photo technique, how to use golden mean, framing, image balance and other composition rules.
 Photographic LightingPhotographic Lighting
Explains the types of lighting equipment, and light control equipment available for studio photography. How to set up a studio, scrim effects, types of photo backdrops.
 Photography 101Photography 101
Very basic overview of camera types, film types, and a list of suggestions for composing photographs.
 Photography BasicsPhotography Basics
Basic information about exposure, depth of field, lenses and digital photography.
 Photography Pages of Toomas TammPhotography Pages of Toomas Tamm
Canon EOS, electronic flash FAQ, articles and photography links.
 Photography Step By StepPhotography Step By Step
Photography tutorials for various expertise levels, from beginner to advanced.
 Photography TutorialsPhotography Tutorials
A collection of advice covering many aspects of photography.
 Photography WizPhotography Wiz
Tips, techniques and hints covering action and family photography.
Features information, tips and hints on all aspects of photography.
Offers a blend of photographic concepts and tips for film and digital cameras. Features a camera simulator, tips and image editing tutorials.
Photography tips, techniques and courses. Cameras, clubs, history, links, salons and photo album.
British site includes product reviews, technical tips, exhibitions and forum.
 PlanetNeil PhotographyPlanetNeil Photography
A few simple techniques explained to help you achieve accurate and consistent exposures. Problems in using exposure compensation and problems in using variable aperture zooms are also explained.
Online course in professional photography to NVQ levels 2, 3, and 4. Professional tutors is giving full support via email and on-line.
Forums, tutorials, tips, resources, and challenges in photo restoration, retouching, and manipulation.
 Rhythm Vision - A Guide to Visual AwarenessRhythm Vision - A Guide to Visual Awareness
Photographs and text designed to teach visual awareness. Text tries to both give background of the photographs and explain what the photographer was thinking or trying.
 Rudy Lopez PhotographyRudy Lopez Photography
Digital photography tips and tutorials including HDR, tilt shift, and composition. Includes gallery.
 Second Picture: CompositionSecond Picture: Composition
Tutorials about how to improve photography by using the basic rules of composition.
 Shooting FireworksShooting Fireworks
Tips from Smithsonian photographers; capture the spectacle.
 Shutter BeeShutter Bee
An animation camera tutorial using Java animation. The simulated camera teaches basics on how to set aperture size and shutter speed to produce the correct exposure.
Composition techniques, advice on photographing different subjects and post-exposure processing in Photoshop.
Photography hints, tips and tutorials on different subjects.
 Silver GelatinSilver Gelatin
Photo techniques, tips, and general photographic information.
 A Simplified Zone System for Correctly Exposing NegativesA Simplified Zone System for Correctly Exposing Negatives
A tutorial on a simplified version of the zone system, a technique to help you make better exposures of negatives and slides.
 Sports Photography for the BeginnersSports Photography for the Beginners
Sports Flash Tech is devoted to basics of digital sports photography.
 Stop Shooting AutoStop Shooting Auto
Beginner-level photography tutorial for dSLR owners. Basics of exposure in simple lessons.
 Studio LightingStudio Lighting
Tutorials, techniques, tips and equipment information.
 Take Better PhotosTake Better Photos
Hints, tips and suggestions for taking better photos. Simple sensible advice with lots of illustrations. Meant for beginners.
Visual effect add new dimension to photography. How to use a texture screen to enhance your photos.
 Using the Nikon 35mm Perspective Control LensUsing the Nikon 35mm Perspective Control Lens
Describes the use of this lens. Illustrated with photos showing the difference in perspective between shifted and unshifted photos of the same subject matter. By Mathew Cole.
 Vadim Makarov's Photo PagesVadim Makarov's Photo Pages
Articles on framing, metering, focusing, scanning. Shooting advice for few specific situations and my pictures.
 Weekend PhotoWeekend Photo
General photography resource, articles, and reviews for the amateur photographer.
 Wildlife Photography Tips and TechniquesWildlife Photography Tips and Techniques
Several articles by Les Zigurski, wildlife photographer.



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