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 The Adventures Of BJ and Tony MorrisThe Adventures Of BJ and Tony Morris
Travel diaries of an airline employee from various locations around the world, with links to pictures.
 Appunti di ViaggiAppunti di Viaggi
Collection of world travel including Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Easter Island, London, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, United States and Thailand. In English and Italian.
 Around the World in 80 ClicksAround the World in 80 Clicks
Contains pictures and stories of travels throughout the world. Mailing list, links, surveys and e-cards.
 Around the WorldsAround the Worlds
Travelogues from a group of travelers spanning several trips all over the world. Also contains destination guide, travel tools, and forum.
 Bad LatitudeBad Latitude
Travels including sailing and surfing around the world. Logs, photos and video included.
 BamJam Travel PicturesBamJam Travel Pictures
Pictures of interesting places all over the world: Jordan, Spain, Scandinavia, Madeira, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iran, Poland.
 Belly Button WindowBelly Button Window
Experiences of an American traveling the globe. Includes a weekly photojournal.
 Bob and Julie's Travel PageBob and Julie's Travel Page
Travels of Bob and Julie across the USA, a Caribbean Cruise, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Europe.
 Bob Neubauer's Adventure Travel SiteBob Neubauer's Adventure Travel Site
Travel stories about U.S., Canadian, European and New Zealand destinations with emphasis on outdoor activities. Details on a solo Maine-Pennsylvania bike ride and a week-long wilderness canoe trip.
 Brenny OnlineBrenny Online
Stories and pictures California, France and Germany. Especially travelers with a physical handicap might find some useful information.
 Brent's Club Med Review PageBrent's Club Med Review Page
Focuses on personal views and opinions of various Club Med's. Also contains Club Med basics, notes and news.
 Business Travel DestinationsBusiness Travel Destinations
Business travel views, tips, trends, destinations and deals for business travelers and meeting professionals.
 The Connected TravelerThe Connected Traveler
Contains travel related stories, reviews, streaming video, sounds, opinion and humor.
 Crazy Amigos on the WebCrazy Amigos on the Web
Stories and pictures as two friends travel through Central and South America by motorcycle. Stories, photos and list of highlights.
 Cyber AdventuresCyber Adventures
Offers travel stories and photographs for various destinations.
 Daniel, Lindsay and Ben's Overseas TravelsDaniel, Lindsay and Ben's Overseas Travels
Family travel and photos from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, South Africa and Australia. World map and individual children's pages.
 Dave's Travel CornerDave's Travel Corner
Offers travel articles and photo galleries from across the globe.
 Daves Travel PagesDaves Travel Pages
Offering stories of world travel from Austria to Zambia, using a bicycle for transportation. Includes photos.
 David and Julias TravelogueDavid and Julias Travelogue
Photos and information relating to various trips including Canada, Barbados, Iceland and Egypt. Includes trip photos and a polar bear gallery.
 David and Melanie's Trip PagesDavid and Melanie's Trip Pages
Travels and photos of trips through North America and Europe.
 David Metraux: AdventuresDavid Metraux: Adventures
Features original stories and photographs of many countries throughout Asia, Europe, and South America. - Travel Photos and Trip - Travel Photos and Trip Reports
Photos and trip reports from several locations, including Italy, France, Ireland, and the USA.
Follow Mark McMahon through his journal entries, daily diary and photos as he makes his way through Central America on his way to South America.
 Free Spirit - World Oneness WebFree Spirit - World Oneness Web
Submissions by readers worldwide, telling personal accounts of their visit to a certain country and travel tips.
 The GastronautThe Gastronaut
Travel reports from destinations around the world, with a strong focus on food. Photos and links.
Amateur dispatches from around the world featuring pictures and images. Usually updated live on travel and based on own experiences.
 Go Hither Traveling TalesGo Hither Traveling Tales
Free, noncommercial site for travel writers to publish their work online. Each writer receives a personal bio page linking to their stories.
Stories and photos from places including Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, China, Thailand, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Themes include spirituality, native cultures, folk music and food.
Journals of couple's travels in Canada, Mexico, Central America, United States, Europe, and northern Africa, with photos, current events, backpacking lore, local history and ecology, and advice on accommodations and attractions.
Journals of travelers, describing trips to exotic lands and interesting cultures. See where others have gone and learn what they have experienced.
 Heldencrow - Semper Aliquid NoviHeldencrow - Semper Aliquid Novi
Contains travel articles on North America, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala and New Zealand. Message boards, maps and news.
 Hit the road!Hit the road!
Photos and stories from trips around the world.
 Holiday AlbumHoliday Album
Short articles and photographs from Greece, Amsterdam, New York, Cornwall and Yorkshire.
Community of travel enthusiasts sharing experiences through travel journals and photos. Travel information, inspiring stories, and travel tips.
Prsonal travel journals and photography from around the world.
 Itchy FeetItchy Feet
Documenting travel experiences from around the world. Photo gallery and travelogues.
 Jackie's WorldJackie's World
Tour of the author's travels travels around the world over a period of thirty years.
 Jan's TravelpagesJan's Travelpages
Collection of travelogues from trips to Iceland, Greenland, Italy, Canada, Faroe Island, Lebanon and cycling trips around Ireland and Scotland. Photos, links and route maps.
 J&D's TravelogJ&D's Travelog
Brief narratives and pictures from a couple's travels through Ireland, the United States, and France.
 Jeff Burns (you know, the writer)Jeff Burns (you know, the writer)
Travel writing featuring experiences in China, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States. Includes PDF versions of stories.
Travelogue-style narratives, travel advice, pictures and maps of (mainly) tropical destinations, including Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Belize, Fiji, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.
 Keith Vertanen's Trip ReportsKeith Vertanen's Trip Reports
Trip reports with photos from Australia, Europe and Africa.
 KnowMark TravelKnowMark Travel
Logs from trips to Italy and Canadian destinations, the Maritimes and Ontario. Includes numerous links to photos.
 Kutu Worldwide TravelKutu Worldwide Travel
Places unknown to your travel agent. Detailed travel reports for adventurists from various odd locations, plus photos, GPS Waypoint Database. Bicycle-friendly and exotic.
 Let Me Stay for a DayLet Me Stay for a Day
Ramon Stoppelenburg left the Netherlands in May 2001, with a backpack filled with clothing, a digital camera and a mobile phone. He is traveling the world to visit most of people who invite him over and writing about them on his daily reports.
 Life After TyrannyLife After Tyranny
Travel to the world's least enchanting places. Simon Bone's ongoing project to document places in transition from authoritarian rule.
 Liquid TravelLiquid Travel
Compendium of travelogues from around the world submitted by users. Includes feature articles.
 The Mad InnnkeeperThe Mad Innnkeeper
Collection of travelogues, adventure, food, drinks and adventure. Includes world images.
 Magical PlacesMagical Places
An artist who loves to travel shares experiences through travelogues from places around the world.
 Mark Moxon, Travel WriterMark Moxon, Travel Writer
A collection of travel stories from India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, French Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand
 Matt's TravelsMatt's Travels
Travelogues of trips to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Fiji.
 The Merretts in EuropeThe Merretts in Europe
Photos and narration of Doug and Julies travels through various countries in Europe as well as Australia and the USA.
 Michael Abbott's Travels & PhotosMichael Abbott's Travels & Photos
Photos from travels to 5 continents.
 Micktravels Around the World Travel GuideMicktravels Around the World Travel Guide
Photos and detailed accounts of travel adventures all over the world. Special focus on wildlife.
 Mouse and BearMouse and Bear
Travelogues and picture galleries from North America and Europe.
 My Travels HomePageMy Travels HomePage
Images and stories from experiences encountered while working around the world. Includes the former Soviet Union, Turkey, Egypt and Hungary.
Travelogues of a number of travelers to destination all over the world. List of current travelers and of travelogues; information on fellowship program disbursing grants to U.S. travelers who are willing to publish a travelogue.
 Nee's PlaceNee's Place
Renee Rivera's personal trip logs and pictures of Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark, Austria, Italy and Netherlands. Backpacking in Yosemite, Glacier National Park, Joshua Tree.
 Nick and Kirsty's Travel BlogNick and Kirsty's Travel Blog
A collection of blogs from around the world, taken during vehicle-based overland travels and expeditions.
 Non-Commercial Travel Stories from DouweNon-Commercial Travel Stories from Douwe
Travel diaries from around the world with pictures and descriptions. [English, Dutch]
 Off YonderOff Yonder
Collection of stories, photos and travelogues from around the world including Asia, Europe, North America and Mexico.
 On The Move: The Burnham ChroniclesOn The Move: The Burnham Chronicles
Travelogues involving trekking, bicycling and backpacking in Asia, Europe, New Zealand, North America and South American. Includes travel hints and photos.
 The Opinionated TravellerThe Opinionated Traveller
Travels to Asia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Includes photos and prose.
 Outback of Beyond AdventuresOutback of Beyond Adventures
Loren and Patricia Upton's adventures and overland expeditions. Travel exchange, slideshow and links.
Personal travelogues and photos from around the world.
 Rec.Travel LibraryRec.Travel Library
Travel and tourism information worldwide with an emphasis on personal travelogues.
Photos and hints from trips to Australia, Bali, Peru, Bolivia, Turkey, London and Budapest.
 Richard and Jo's Travel TalesRichard and Jo's Travel Tales
Tales of travelling around South East Asia and Australia. Includes photos.
 Shan's Travel SiteShan's Travel Site
Shan's trips throughout many countries in Asia, plus Australia, Canada, USA and Europe. Also shows her artwork.
 Si Lad's TravelsSi Lad's Travels
History and travel diaries from Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Includes reports from European ski resorts and travel links.
Travel stories from places such as the USA, Mexico, Hong Kong and Brazil. Includes photos and related links.
Photographs of places Ross Wattie has been along with general culture and history.
 Spirit of PlaceSpirit of Place
Personal travel journals from trips in North America and Europe and comments on other travel writing.
 Spud's TravelsSpud's Travels
Wacky photo travelogue documenting the world wide adventures of a globe trotting plastic potato head.
 Suite 101: Travelling SpiritSuite 101: Travelling Spirit
Sojourns to different locales and the insights gained from exploring new cultures. Includes articles on trips to India and Africa.
 Suite 101: Virtual JourneysSuite 101: Virtual Journeys
Articles by the late Mary Ellen Bradshaw, discussions, and links of interest to travelers.
 Tame Goes WildTame Goes Wild
Joseph Tame travels the world with a laptop and digital camera, providing updates on his latest adventures. Tips on working abroad, photos and videos.
 Tim's Vacation PageTim's Vacation Page
Places to go and things to do on a family vacation in Florida, The Bahamas, and South Carolina.
 Tom Goetz's Home PageTom Goetz's Home Page
Travelogues from Tom Goetz's travels to Europe, Central America, South America and Japan.
 Tourist's CompanionTourist's Companion
Personal impressions from visiting different countries such as Italy, Bulgaria, France and Hungary. Photos and tips.
 Travel Blogger UKTravel Blogger UK
Free Blogs for Travellers, City & Holiday Guides worldwide, share photos, stories, etc on your adventures around the world.
 Travel Blogs By GetJealous.comTravel Blogs By
Members can create a free travel blog, including a diary, message board, photo and video gallery, itinerary, and an interactive map.
 Travel Page of Jelle AndelaTravel Page of Jelle Andela
Vacation photos and travelogues of Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and Philippines.
 Travel Stories from Paradises of the WorldTravel Stories from Paradises of the World
Stories and country information from India, Jordan, Thailand, Morocco and Egypt with photos. Lists history, entry regulations and links.
 Travel WritingTravel Writing
Collection of travel articles published in New York newspapers. Includes photos.
Photos and travelogues from around the world. Allows visitors to join and share their own experiences.
 TravelFurther.Net - Travel WritingTravelFurther.Net - Travel Writing
Travel writing by Craig McCormick with articles including driving in Russia to Hill Trekking in Thailand.
 Traveling Me...Traveling Me...
Offerings stories of traveling to over 30 countries. Includes advice and photography.
 Traveling TalesTraveling Tales
Writers tell of their adventures from Australia, Europe, England, Canada, Quebec, Seattle, Egypt, Middle East, and China.
Offers free travel journals, stories and pictures from travelers, forum, site news and information.
 Travelogue CentralTravelogue Central
Growing collection of travelogues as well as trip planning and shopping resources. Including guides based on the travelogues.
 Travelogues by Joël NeelenTravelogues by Joël Neelen
Belgian traveler Neelen shares recollections from his trips to Morocco, Cuba, India, Egypt, Mali, Spain, Ireland, Yemen, Peru, and Turkey.
 Travelogues of Matt WegenerTravelogues of Matt Wegener
Includes logs and photos from various places in Asia and Europe.
 Travelogues of Sandra Kip and Jeroen KuiperTravelogues of Sandra Kip and Jeroen Kuiper
Travel story of La Ruta Maya, Venezuela and Tanzania. Includes photos and maps.
A service which lets members share their travels online. Also includes resources, chat and links.
Travel writings and photographs of Europe, Western Australia, Egypt and Zimbabwe. Links, country and photography information.
 The TravelTalkerThe TravelTalker
Travel stories from around the world. Post stories and let others share the adventures. Includes Travel Talker forum.
 Trek DiaryTrek Diary
Consists of illustrated diaries of travels to wild places, including Borneo, India (Spiti), Kenya, Madagascar, Madeira, Malawi, Morocco, Peru Sulawesi, Thailand, Uganda, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.
Share your backpacking adventure and travel tips. Offers social-political and demographic information for every country in the world plus travel tips for over 2000 international cities.
 Tripping With BradTripping With Brad
Offering photos and reports from five years of working and traveling in all corners of the planet. - Travel Stories and - Travel Stories and Photos
Travel stories and photos from around the world. Journals include New Zealand, Bhutan, Nepal, Tanzania, Peru, Sri-Lanka, Greece and the Appalachian Trail.
Register for a free online travel journal as well as read about other members trips.
 True Trip TravelTrue Trip Travel
Offers free travel web pages, travel tips, travel guide, travel classifieds. Set up your own free travelogue.
Assortment of travel writings and photos stretching from the Silk Road to Peru, Greece to South Africa.
 A View on CitiesA View on Cities
Original images and information on cities including Paris, Antwerp, Vancouver and Prague.
 Virtual TouristVirtual Tourist
Travel community with photos, travelogues, destinations, postcards, forums and chat areas.
Logs and photos from adventures in Europe, Asia and South America. English and German version.
 VWCampin's Road Trip and Music Festival Web RingVWCampin's Road Trip and Music Festival Web Ring
Links to travelogues focused on road trips taken in a Volkswagen.
Features travel photos from around the world.
 The WanderlustThe Wanderlust
Collection of travel journals and reports submitted by travelers and expats. Grouped by continent.
 The WhereAbouts of Jenny and KimThe WhereAbouts of Jenny and Kim
Travels and photos of Jenny Smillie and Kim Dedman throughout the USA and Europe.
 Wild Hair AdventuresWild Hair Adventures
Journals, tips and pictures gleaned from trips to locations such as Greece, London and Bali.
 Wildlife Travel Web SiteWildlife Travel Web Site
Information, articles and personal accounts of wildlife travel for wildlife enthusiasts and for those who wish to travel the world and see wildlife.
 World Heritage SiteWorld Heritage Site
Personal travel guide to the entries on Unesco's World Heritage List. Links, photos and reviews.
 The World in FocusThe World in Focus
Photos, travelogues and video, organized by country.
 World Travel StoriesWorld Travel Stories
Personal travel stories from different parts of the world including China, Alaska, Germany and Spain. Focuses on nature, different cultures and personal travel experiences.
 World Wide TraveloguesWorld Wide Travelogues
Travelogues, culture and photos from around the world: Egypt, Greece, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Bali, Canada and Singapore.
 30 Years of Travel30 Years of Travel
Travel accounts of solo trips to Burma, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Cambodia, China, India, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Mexico, Greece and Turkey by Doug Burnett.
 Yen's ScribblingsYen's Scribblings
Travelogue on the writer's tours of Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.



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