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 All These WorldsAll These Worlds
Weblog with reflections on current news. Emphasis on science and space news.
 the aromaconnection blogthe aromaconnection blog
News and discussion relating to the science and business of aromatherapy, essential oils, and natural perfumery.
Blog covering technology, astronomy, meteorology, photography and curiosities.
Musing of an amateur astronomer. Covering astronomical happenings among the planets, stars and beyond.
 Back to WildBack to Wild
Informative articles and breaking news about animals, plants, archeology, cosmology, anthropology, and the environment. Includes photos.
 Bad Astronomy BlogBad Astronomy Blog
Commentary on astronomy news and space-related myths and misinformation. By Phil Plait.
Physicists exploring an interest in biology.
Weblog of a global life sciences and medicine research community.
 The Black HoleThe Black Hole
Blog about issues affecting science based trainees at Canadian Universities.
 Blog Of ScienceBlog Of Science
Weblog of scientific news, articles and commentary.
 Brains MatterBrains Matter
A podcast on science, curiosities and general knowledge, featuring interviews with scientists and topics of interest.
 Bruceleeeowe's BlogBruceleeeowe's Blog
Exploring advanced technologies from past and future, an entirely new analytical view at science.
 California Biotech Law BlogCalifornia Biotech Law Blog
This blog addresses litigation, legislation, deals, and legal issues of interest to the California biotech community.
News and views with a focus on organic chemistry.
 Cleantech BlogCleantech Blog
Blog providing commentary on technologies, news, and issues relating to next generation energy and the environment.
 Complexity SimplifiedComplexity Simplified
Personal thoughts on complex systems science, plus a bit about religion and science.
 Cosmic LogCosmic Log
Weblog by science editor Alan Boyle, with daily science and space news and links.
 Cosmic VarianceCosmic Variance
Group weblog co-written by five physicists and astrophysicists.
 Cosmic WatercoolerCosmic Watercooler
Discussions of science, skepticism, mythology and religion, nursing, and current events.
 Cosmos FirmaCosmos Firma
Science writer and author Marcia Bartusiak's arm-chair exploration of the celestial landscape, providing insights on astronomical discoveries, past and present.
Provides news about robotic technologies and medical robotics as well as other interesting engineering topics. Also provides tutorials for SolidWorks.
 10 Days of Science10 Days of Science
A news and events blog focusing on Australia's National Science Week, run by journalists, editors, science communicators and enthusiasts.
 A Dedication to LifeA Dedication to Life
Blog discussing various aspects of science.
Latest technology and gadgets news and reviews.
 Discovering Biology in a Digital WorldDiscovering Biology in a Digital World
Educational weblog centering on computational biology and genetic research.
 Discovery DiscoveredDiscovery Discovered
A science blog about news, inventions and discoveries.
 Dumb ScientistDumb Scientist
A collection of articles written by a physicist about physics, other scientific fields, philosophy and politics.
 Dura Mater: Odd Bits From a Distracted Scientist's BrainDura Mater: Odd Bits From a Distracted Scientist's Brain
Reflections on science and technology news and its influence on society.
 The Flame TrenchThe Flame Trench
Dispatches on all things space from the Florida Today blockhouse at the Kennedy Space Center.
 Fractured and Karst HydrogeologyFractured and Karst Hydrogeology
Blog covering the research activities of JC Maréchalin on this subject. includes power point scientific presentations and links to research papers.
Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.
Provides news and resources about gender biology, gender physiology, gender-specific medicine, gender medicine, and sex differences regarding men's and women's health.
 The GeomblogThe Geomblog
Ruminations on computational geometry, algorithms, theoretical computer science and life.
 Gooz NewsGooz News
Pharmacology writer Merrill Goozner comments on science, health and the public interest.
 The Grok ProjectThe Grok Project
A blog which chronicles an attempt to retrace the progression of science and technology throughout human history. is an attempt to track the breakthroughs and implications of the next military and technological revolutions.
 Hand Picked....and Carefully SortedHand Picked....and Carefully Sorted
Covers interesting developments in agriculture, animal sciences, human sciences, leisure and tourism and the environment.
 Henry's Webiocosm BlogHenry's Webiocosm Blog
Observations and photography in biology, botany and zoology.
 hi-tech innovationshi-tech innovations
Main directions of this blog are: -Equipment, technologies and rigging for nanomaterials production -alternative power engineering -high technologies to medicine, biotechnologies to industrial complex -IT-technologies -ecology -industrial innovations, new materials
 I Build RocketsI Build Rockets
Adventures in amateur and model rocketry.
 Ideonexus: Science, Cyberspace, SpeculationIdeonexus: Science, Cyberspace, Speculation
A blog providing links to science-related news stories, politics and popularization.
 Impact LabImpact Lab
The DaVinci Institute present scientific breakthroughs and innovative technologies.
 In the PipelineIn the Pipeline
Weblog about developments in pharmacology and chemistry by a working researcher at a drug company.
Blog covering science publishing trends, ethics, peer review, and open access.
 The Lay ScientistThe Lay Scientist
Lighthearted blog reporting science news with a focus on the relationship between science and the public.
 Life Studies BlogLife Studies Blog
Discussion about philosophy of life, death, nature, science and technology, and their impact on contemporary culture and society.
 Lubos Motl's Reference FrameLubos Motl's Reference Frame
News, opinion and political commentary relating to string theory, mathematics and physics.
Measurement devices, measurement education and measuring, organised so that users can exchange thoughts and ideas on the topic.
 The Mr Science ShowThe Mr Science Show
Regular blog and podcast on scientific and social topics, featuring summaries of news articles, science stories and podcast links. Page includes photos and some videos.
Blog about material science including new polymers, innovative applications and market news with a focus on plastics, the environment and specialised materials.
 My Life, Economics and FinanceMy Life, Economics and Finance
Blog dealing with economics and international economics in particular. News, research and opinions presented in non-technical form.
 NASA Orion Spaceship BlogNASA Orion Spaceship Blog
News relating to NASA's Orion Spaceship and its mission to take astronauts to the Moon and Mars.
 Nature NewsblogNature Newsblog
News weblog of Nature periodical, allowing readers to comment on recent developments in science and technology.
 NEQNET: Non-equilibrium PhenomenaNEQNET: Non-equilibrium Phenomena
Weblog about contemporary theoretical physics, including cosmology, particle physics, string theory and developed turbulence, and its methods.
 Next Big FutureNext Big Future
Tracking progress to the future especially advanced nanotechnology, nuclear and energy technology, quantum computers, life extension, space technology and AI.
Weblog offering news and discussions on genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics and nanotechnology.
 Not Even WrongNot Even Wrong
Physics and mathematics discussion from the author at the front line of the string theory controversy.
 Null HypothesisNull Hypothesis
A light-hearted look at the weird world of science and technology. A mixture of spoof science and fascinating real research mixed up with everything that's strange but true.
 The OpenScience Project WeblogThe OpenScience Project Weblog
Weblog of a collaboration encouraging the production and release of open source scientific software.
 PhysOrg Science News WeblogPhysOrg Science News Weblog
Covers recent science and technology discoveries and developments.
 Pillow AstronautPillow Astronaut
Documents the experiences of human "pillownaut" test subjects in NASA's Lunar and Mars research programs.
A blog mainly about hypothetical thought experiments both scientific and unscientific, appealing and understandable to both groups.
 Renegade ScienceRenegade Science
The musings and arguments of physicist John Daicopoulos concerning science, education and related matters.
 RobBlog: Science News and OpinionRobBlog: Science News and Opinion
Digest of science news from a wide range of sources, with commentary.
 The Sceptical ChymistThe Sceptical Chymist
New and exciting developments in chemistry and chemical biology from the editors of Nature and associated journals.
 Science and Technology NewsScience and Technology News
Provides summaries of some of the latest science and technology headlines, as well as pictures, article links, and references.
 Science BlogScience Blog
General science and technology news weblog.
 Science BlogScience Blog
Blog by scientists in Nepal.
 Science for Non-MajorsScience for Non-Majors
TK Kenyon discusses and explains scientific issues in plain English. Bad science gutted. Great science extolled.
 Science in ActionScience in Action
Explorations of science and math in the real world, with topical comments, unexpected connections and weird facts.
 Science MatterScience Matter
Kristen Rosenthal's blog exploring current, popular science and emphasizing the importance of scientific research in everyday life.
 Science Musings BlogScience Musings Blog
A regular meditation on humankind's quest to understand the universe.
 Science NewsScience News
Blog dedicated to news, innovations and advances in various areas of science.
 Science Quick PicksScience Quick Picks
A chemist's selection of science news and resources.
 Science ReportScience Report
A collection of science blog excerpts, ranging from Biology to Computer Science, that allows visitor voting. All sites are added with support from the participating blogs.
 Science SurfingScience Surfing
Topic-specific overviews of free-access online scientific sources.
 Science TakeawayScience Takeaway
Blog from a university-based researcher, trying to help the general public making sense of scientific news.
Science news and features plus commentary by science journalist and writer David Bradley.
60+ bloggers selected on the basis of their originality, insight, talent, and dedication provide up-to-date coverage of their different scientific fields.
Blog covering many scientific topics.
Provides coverage of space and science news.
Community edited science weblog and discussion forum.
Blog attempting to track the impact of science and technology.
 60 Second Science60 Second Science
Opinions, arguments and analyses from the editors of Scientific American.
 Short Sharp ScienceShort Sharp Science
A science news weblog from New Scientist.
 Singularity HubSingularity Hub
Up to date information about the daily advances mankind is making in stem cells, genetics, biology, artificial intelligence, aging, robotics and more.
 So I Want to Be an AstronautSo I Want to Be an Astronaut
A Kuwaiti girl dreams of being an astronaut, and becoming the first Kuwaiti, Arab, Muslim female to go into space.
 Space SpinSpace Spin
News and technological innovations in space exploration.
Commentary on science and general interest news stories, plus art and photography postings.
 The Spacewriter's RamblingsThe Spacewriter's Ramblings
Anything and everything about science, especially astronomy and the cosmos.
Blog from Starlab, a company doing research on space and neuroscience, two fundamental themes of the new millennium.
 Steorn's Orbo: Dispatches from the FutureSteorn's Orbo: Dispatches from the Future
The Irish company Steorn claims to have developed a revolutionary technology for generating free energy: Orbo. This blog provides the story from the beginning and continues as it unfolds.
Blog on science, ideas, curiosity, technology and related areas.
 Tasty ResearchTasty Research
Summary and discussion of various interesting research papers in psychology and technology.
 Tech News BriefsTech News Briefs
Technology news updates.
A weblog dedicated to the diffusion of the latest advances in science and technology, in an easily comprehensible format.
 Technut NewsTechnut News
Blog about upcoming technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence.
 Temple Cutting EdgeTemple Cutting Edge
Blog highlighting interesting news, research and expertise in health, science and technology at Temple University.
News and discussion about energy, fuels and the environment.
 Thoughts From KansasThoughts From Kansas
Weblog of a University of Kansas ecology and evolutionary biology student, fighting for progressive politics, evolution, and endangered species.
 Tomorrow's TrendsTomorrow's Trends
Blog covering a number of scientific subjects including robotics, space exploration, nanotechnology, energy and health.
 Universe of ScienceUniverse of Science
Blog covering mathematics, biosciences, chemistry, popular science and science writing.
 Useful ChemistryUseful Chemistry
Open source chemistry weblog, discussing online resources and solutions to computational and practical problems.
 Vitum MedicinusVitum Medicinus
A Canadian medical student blogs about his road to becoming a physician. The events from teaching hospital wards and medical school classrooms are captured and presented to readers in a mix of humour, action, and drama.
 A Voyage to ArctucusA Voyage to Arctucus
Jay Manifold's weblog about science and scientific applications.
 Wafti (We Apologize for the Inconvenience)Wafti (We Apologize for the Inconvenience)
Science, technology, and environment news and information.
 Walking RandomlyWalking Randomly
A random walk through maths and science.
 Weird ThingsWeird Things
Greg Fish explores science, the strange, and the unknown. Also includes links to his published essays.
 Weird WarpWeird Warp
A slightly different look at science, the universe, computers and the things that we just don't know about yet.
 What Is This: ScienceWhat Is This: Science
News stories on a variety of scientific topics.
 World BlogWorld Blog
A blog concentrating on today's science and its ethics.
 World Science BlogWorld Science Blog
Comments and perspectives from readers of the global science news site.
Collaborative blog dedicated to current events and news, also covering scientific issues.
 Your Techno GuruYour Techno Guru
Daily articles, news, ideas and free thoughts on science and technology.
Pointers and commentary on emerging future issues.
 ZME ScienceZME Science
Aims to provide science and environmental information which is easy to understand and assimilate.



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