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 AERA: Ancient Egypt Research AssociatesAERA: Ancient Egypt Research Associates
Non-profit organization researching Egypt’s archaeological record seeking the origins of civilization. Provides information on the projects being undertaken and the specialist studies involved.
 Aerial Archaeological Research GroupAerial Archaeological Research Group
Aerial Archaeology Research Group, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning all facets of aerial archaeology. Includes related bibliography and links.
 Aerial ArchaeologyAerial Archaeology
Jacques Dassié explains aerial archaeology and related techniques. Illustrated articles using examples from the Poitou-Charentes region of France.
 Aerial Archaeology - Developing Future PracticeAerial Archaeology - Developing Future Practice
Program of a NATO Workshop held in Poland in November 2000. Includes abstracts of all presented papers.
 Aerial Archaeology ExamplesAerial Archaeology Examples
Presentation of examples where aerial photography provides additional data to archaeologists on the ground.
 The Aerial Archaeology NewsletterThe Aerial Archaeology Newsletter
A single issue by Baker Aerial Photography in 1996 discusses the history, methodology and uses of aerial photography for archaeology, with examples.
 Aerial ArchiveAerial Archive
The Institute for Prehistory and Protohistory of the University of Vienna explains the history, methods and uses of aerial archaeology. Description of the archive and samples from it.
 Aerial Surveys of Persepolis and Ancient IranAerial Surveys of Persepolis and Ancient Iran
Includes aerial photographs of excavations in progress in 1936, of sites under consideration at that time, and of other areas of Iran that were archaeologically unknown in 1936.
 Archaeological Remote SensingArchaeological Remote Sensing
Techniques used by NASA for archeological research. Includes remote sensing data for Arenal, Costa Rica, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, and The Petén, Guatemala.
 Archaeological Site ModellingArchaeological Site Modelling
Article from the Oriental Institute Computer Laboratory presenting the methods and uses of data acquisition, templates, and computer analysis for site modelling. Contains link to a computer model of the Giza Plateau as an example.
 Archaeology in Baden-Wurttemberg: A Pilot's ViewArchaeology in Baden-Wurttemberg: A Pilot's View
Aerial photographs of archaeological sites by Otto Braasch.
 Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing DataArchiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data
Document is intended to be a guide to good practice in the creation and maintenance of digital resources related to aerial photography, satellite and airborne remote sensing, and archaeological interpretations made from such data sources.
 BG-Map Cultural Resources ModuleBG-Map Cultural Resources Module
Archaeology and anthropology database and mapping software for documentation of historical properties and their inhabitants.
 British Academy: Aerial Survey for ArchaeologyBritish Academy: Aerial Survey for Archaeology
The British Academy reviews new technologies for Aerial Survey and for access to the Photographic Records in this report.
 City Planning System of the Ancient Bohai StateCity Planning System of the Ancient Bohai State
Using Corona satellite photos, Noboru Ogata, Kyoto University Japan, studied city plans of an ancient kingdom which existed in northeastern China (7th - 10th century AD).
 Digital Technologies at the Colesseum and the Baths of CaracallaDigital Technologies at the Colesseum and the Baths of Caracalla
Presentation of the results of a Virtual Heritage project to scan the architecture of the Baths of Caracalla and the Colosseum. The work utilized long range laser scanning to capture detailed model data of the structures.
 Francesca Radcliffe's Aerial ArchaeologyFrancesca Radcliffe's Aerial Archaeology
Francesca's new project is to identify the archaeological features seen on the oblique aerial photographs and then rectify and mapping them. Interactive map and image gallery of Dorset Hill Forts .
 Geoarchaeology and GISGeoarchaeology and GIS
Introduction to the use of GIS in combination with geoarchaeology to solve archaeological problems. Includes a slide show conceptual practicum to illustrate the how archaeological predictive models can benefit from incorporating geoarchaeology using simple, simulated data.
 Geomatics at BirchtownGeomatics at Birchtown
GIS and remote sensing technologies were used to explore and analyze the spatial and attribute information at Birchtown and to geo-correct the only known copy of a late eighteenth century land grants map of Birchtown, known as the Goulden Map.
 Geophysical Prospection of Archaeological SitesGeophysical Prospection of Archaeological Sites
Harald von der Osten-Woldenburg gives examples of the use of geomagnetics, geoelectrics, electromagnetic induction and ground penetrating radar in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
 GIS and Remote Sensing for ArchaeologyGIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology
A long-term project by Dr. Scott Madry on the applications of remote sensing and GIS in the Burgundy region of France. Methodology, bibliography
 GIS and Remote Sensing:Burgundy, FranceGIS and Remote Sensing:Burgundy, France
Detailed information regarding a multi-disciplinary research project: Applications of Geomatics for Long Term Regional Archaeological Settlement Pattern Analysis.
 GIS DictionaryGIS Dictionary
This on-line dictionary of GIS terms is brought to you by the Association for Geographic Information and the University Of Edinburgh Department of Geography.
 GIS for ArchaeologyGIS for Archaeology
The uses of Geographic Information Systems in archaeology presented by ESRI, publisher of ArcGIS.
 GIS Guide to Good PracticeGIS Guide to Good Practice
Document designed specifically to provide guidance for individuals and organisations involved in the creation, maintenance, use and long-term preservation of GIS-based digital resources.
 GIS in ArchaeologyGIS in Archaeology
General overview of the use of Geographic Information Systems in archaeology. Hosted by the University of Alabama Office of Archaeological Research.
 GISarch Discussion ListGISarch Discussion List
This list is intended to facilitate discussion between archaeologists making use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.
 Ground-Penetrating Radar in ArchaeologyGround-Penetrating Radar in Archaeology
Introduction to using radar geophysics to locate and map buried archaeological features. Includes links to sites on which GPR has been used.
 How Geophysical Methods Can Help the ArchaeologistHow Geophysical Methods Can Help the Archaeologist
A long article by Lambert Dolphin.
 Introduction to Aerial ArchaeologyIntroduction to Aerial Archaeology
Article by the University of Vienna Aerial Archive. Presents the history and applications of aerial archaeology.
 New Zealand Archaeology: The Aerial ViewNew Zealand Archaeology: The Aerial View
The aerial photographs in this compendium are oblique or low oblique (near vertical) images taken by Kevin L. Jones.
 North American Database of Archaeological GeophysicsNorth American Database of Archaeological Geophysics
Database and website that aims to promote use, education, communication, and a knowledge base of the practice of archaeological geophysics in North America. Image library, projects database, bibliography, educational materials, instruments and manufacturer, practitioners, and events.
 Online Papers on GIS in ArchaeologyOnline Papers on GIS in Archaeology
Directory of papers available on-line, most from user conferences for a GIS system called ESRI.
Computer program written to assist in the planning of archaeological discoveries in difficult field situations. Includes its method, projects, photos, and download instructions.
 Remote Sensing and Archaeology: The Chora of ChersonesosRemote Sensing and Archaeology: The Chora of Chersonesos
The Center for Space Research and the University of Texas Institute of Classical Archaeology project investigating the use of remote sensing in a comprehensive regional study of the ancient Greek agricultural territory. Includes an area description and historical background, excavation sites, remotely sensed data.
 Remote Sensing Archeology Research at NASARemote Sensing Archeology Research at NASA
NASA uses remote sensing for archeology research in the Peten Guatemala, Arenal region of Costa Rica, and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.
 Resistivity Survey of the Nevis Jewish CemeteryResistivity Survey of the Nevis Jewish Cemetery
The information on this page is taken from "'What are you doing?': Examining a colonial period Jewish cemetery in the Caribbean", a paper given by Michelle Terrell at the 31st Annual Meetings of the Society for Historical Archaeology.
 Securing a Future for Essex's PastSecuring a Future for Essex's Past
Article from ArcUser magazine on the use of GIS by the County Council's Archaeology Section.
 Sensuous and Reflexive GIS: Exploring Visualisation and VRMLSensuous and Reflexive GIS: Exploring Visualisation and VRML
Developing a synergy between VRML and GIS. Internet Archaeology 1996.
 The Sky's Eyes: Remote Sensing in ArchaeologyThe Sky's Eyes: Remote Sensing in Archaeology
NOVA Online article that describes the remote sensing techniques used to find "The Lost City" of Ubar.
 Space Radar Laboratory Images of Angkor, CambodiaSpace Radar Laboratory Images of Angkor, Cambodia
Images from the international Space Radar Laboratory may help researchers find previously unknown settlements near the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia.
 Technology in Archaeology: Imaging RadarTechnology in Archaeology: Imaging Radar
Brief introduction to the uses of imaging radar in archaeology.
 TimeMap ProjectTimeMap Project
The TimeMap™ project is researching methods for recording, indexing, analysing and delivering archaeological data with spatial and temporal components. Free TMJava software download.

 Archaeology and GIS--The Linux WayArchaeology and GIS--The Linux Way
A description of an archaeology project making use of the freely available geographic information system GRASS. From the Linux Journal, an article by R. Joe Brandon, Trevor Kludt and Markus Neteler. (July 1, 1999)



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