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Languages 3,597

Applied Linguistics 62
Bilingualism 33
Comparative Linguistics and Typology 2
Computational Linguistics 181
Computer Assisted Language Learning 9
Dialectology 11
Discourse Analysis 8
Graphemics and Orthography 38
Historical Linguistics 28
Language Acquisition 14
Morphology and Syntax 25
Onomastics 6
Philosophy of Language 70
Phonetics and Phonology 70
Pragmatics 12
Psycholinguistics 25
Semantics 37
Semiotics 66
Sociolinguistics 27
Translation 94

Conferences 122
Education 93
Institutes 10
Journals 149
People 71
Professional Organizations 20

Language Arts - Education, Arts 1,324

Natural Language - Artificial Intelligence, Computers 101

Philosophy of Logic - Philosophy, Society 104

 Introduction to LinguisticsIntroduction to Linguistics
  Covers language acquisition, learning disorders, linguistics, universals, early development of the English language and phonetics.
 The Linguist ListThe Linguist List
  Web site for the mailing list: professional communication and networking for the world-wide community of linguists.

 Binnick's Linguistic BibliographyBinnick's Linguistic Bibliography
Annotated bibliography of tense, verbal aspect, aktionsart and related areas.
News and opinion articles on sociolinguistics, bilingualism, translation, technology, and other aspects of linguistics.
 The Homepage of Integrational LinguisticsThe Homepage of Integrational Linguistics
A specific approach to linguistics combining a comprehensive theory of language and a theory of grammars.
 Language and LinguisticsLanguage and Linguistics
Essays on language and linguistics and links to related materials.
 Language LogLanguage Log
Weblog run by University of Pennsylvania phonetician Mark Liberman, with multiple guest linguists.
 Lexicon of LinguisticsLexicon of Linguistics
Searchable database of linguistic terminology updated with new terms in the areas of Generative Grammar (Minimalism) and Phonetics. Includes bibliography.
 Linguistic Data ConsortiumLinguistic Data Consortium
Sharing of linguistic data, tools and standards resources.
 Linguistic ExplorationLinguistic Exploration
Multidimensional exploration of online linguistic databases.
 The Linguistics ProjectThe Linguistics Project
Interdisciplinary, international, internet-community on language and linguistics.
 Maledicta PressMaledicta Press
Specializes in negatively-valued words and expressions from all languages and cultures, focussing on the origin, etymology, meaning, use and influence of verbal aggression and abuse of any kind.
 The sci.lang FAQThe sci.lang FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about dialects, languages and their relationships, linguistics, and phonetic systems.
 Stewardship ProjectStewardship Project
Listings of international geographical names, orthography and transcription with commentaries on language.
 Unilang CommunityUnilang Community
Provides a home for everybody interested in any aspect of language(s) or linguistics.



E X P A N D      m i n i m i z e      

Catalan 156
Chinese Simplified 86
Chinese 10
Czech 27
Danish 104
Dutch 135
Esperanto 24
Finnish 58
French 104
German 1,372
Hungarian 12
Icelandic 0
Irish 15
Italian 436
Japanese 358
Korean 5
Kurdish 8
Lithuanian 56
Norwegian 18
Polish 186
Portuguese 25
Romanian 8
Russian 153
Scots Gaelic 8
Spanish 345
Taiwanese 6
Tatar 2
Turkish 19
Ukrainian 12
Welsh 3


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