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 Active-Stream: A Resource for Travelers of the Awakening DreamActive-Stream: A Resource for Travelers of the Awakening Dream
A collection of short stories and essays focusing upon paranormal phenomena.
 Archive XArchive X
A large collection of paranormal stories. Categories include: near death and out of body experiences, angel, ghost, and channeling stories.
Tests for the predisposition to astral projections, lucid dreams and Out of Body Experiences as well as for clairvoyant abilities.
 Beyond the WeatherBeyond the Weather
Discovering the relationship between the paranormal and the effects weather has on it, with maps of the United States showing activity predictions.
 Debunking the Arguments of Pseudo-Skeptics and DebunkersDebunking the Arguments of Pseudo-Skeptics and Debunkers
An article that debunks the arguments of organized skepticism against the paranormal by CSICOP, Randi, Shermer and others, by Vinstonas Wu.
 Ellis C TaylorEllis C Taylor
Investigates and highlights sinister occult aspects to serious crimes and events around the world. Other specialty subjects include UFOs and the unexplained, predictions, animal welfare and conspiracies.
Subjects discussed include hidden history/reality of Earth, mythology, symbology, prophecies, ancient/esoteric traditions, Atlantis, Mars, secret societies, and grand conspiracies, decoding patterns and symbols of worldly phenomena.
 Hercolubus or Red PlanetHercolubus or Red Planet
Free book available by mail, about earth changes, extraterrestrials, astral projection and consciousness growth.
 Hidden Influences InteractiveHidden Influences Interactive
Interactive tools that have paranormal or occult relevance, including dream interpretation and a color therapy test.
 Ley Lines, Geopathic Stress, Standing Stones, Cup-marked Stones or Rock ArtLey Lines, Geopathic Stress, Standing Stones, Cup-marked Stones or Rock Art
Features articles on how Ley lines work, geopathic stress and Ill-health, graveyard spirits and petroglyphs.
 The Monroe InstituteThe Monroe Institute
Founded by Robert Monroe, out-of-body book author and inventor of Hemi-Sync audio technology, pioneers consciousness research, exploration, training, and applications with binaural beat sound.
 Mysterious BritainMysterious Britain
Resource highlighting the ghosts, legends, folklore, and paranormal mysteries within the British Isles.
 the Mysticathe Mystica
Contains articles on a variety of topics including ESP, bilocation, Psi, telepathy, psychokinesis and auras.
 Mystical BlazeMystical Blaze
Dealing with the exploration of paranormal topics, including ghosts, psychics, afterlife, and UFO's.
 Project XProject X
An on-line spiritual community that shares personal supernatural experiences.
 Psychic ArticlesPsychic Articles
An article repository for international authors, covering a wide range of topics.
 Psychic InvestigatorPsychic Investigator
Givie views for both the believers and the skeptics on topics such as mesmerism, astrology and witchcraft.
A compilation of teachings and stories about psychic phenomena including astral projection, predictions, life after death, the Seth material, ghosts, and reincarnation.
 The Shadowlands: Mysteries and the UnexplainedThe Shadowlands: Mysteries and the Unexplained
Numerous areas of the supernatural world are covered in detail. Topics range from Bigfoot to the Jersey Devil, to sea serpents and lake monsters, to Spring Heeled Jack.
 Spirit HomeSpirit Home
An eye on the paranormal offers information about mysterious secrets and phenomena. -Time -Time Travel
Features articles, movie and book reviews.
 Subconscious PerceptionSubconscious Perception
Submit, share and view great stories, dreams and experiences.
A resource for the paranormal, with news items, glossary and forums.
 The Time Travel Tale of John TitorThe Time Travel Tale of John Titor
This site contains the posts of a time traveler describing the year 2036. Includes photos of his reported time machine.
 Transcommunication VideoTranscommunication Video
Information on a recording technique used to research paranormal images and voices.
 Your ParanormalYour Paranormal
Articles on the unexplained, a forum and stories.



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